the most retarded fashion trend of 2003/2004. Little brown boot things that allow people to drag their feet all lazy like while looking incredibly stupid and as far away from sexy as they could possibley be. Generally they are worn in one of four forms:

a) With sweat pants or jeans tucked into the boots Ugh Factor 10

b) With a skirt (why not wear cowboy boots with 80's style shorts?) Ugh Factor 10

c) One pant leg tucked in or either side partially tucked in. Ugh Factor 9 Stupidity factor 1,000,000

d) Under normal pants Ugh Factor 5

--The Ugh Scale--
1 - Fashionable, Stylish, Cool
10 - Possibly the worse thing you could do to society, you'd be better off dead.
cool person: WTF are you wearing on your feet!

idiot: these are uggs, they're so hot.

cool person: you should be shot, not only is it 2005 and they're a 2003 trend but they look stupid as shit you trendy slut

idiot: waaaaahhh, i'm not trendy, i'm origional.

cool person: drop dead
av jake 1 april 2005
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Boots with suede outsides and sheepskin insides. Usually used in snowy and cold regions, but now is associated with miniskirts and beach towns.
Look at that pigeon! She's wearing her uggs and miniskirt! Gross!
av Pigeonhater @UCSB 1 oktober 2004
fugly winter boots that trendy girls wear because they are simply BRAINWASHED into thinking they look cute when in reality they look point and laugh stupid. they are also ridiculously expensive for something that doesn't look that special.

the typical UGG boot wearer is normally a thin white female with long blond hair and, in most cases, a fake tan. they typically wear anything with the Abercrombie & Fitch logo/name and a mini skirt...and uggs. many of these brainwashed homosapiens look EXACTLY the same, so finding them is very easy. they normally gather at the local mall or at a Target store.

Ugg boots are sometimes tucked into pants, normally jeans. in this case, they make the ugg boot wearer look like they have elf feet, or really big feet. Thus, making them look unattractive.

In addition, some young soccer moms have also been noted wearing these boots, resulting in their husbands cheating on them and/or filing for divorce.
horny guy #1: damn! look at that chick with the amazing body! i'm gonna go over and hook up with her!

horny guy #2: yeah man, go ahead!

horny guy #1: shit, nevermind...she's wearing UGGS. what a waste. i lost my erection now.

av blah blah blahhhhhhhhh 30 januari 2007
Uggs seem to be what all the "popular" kids wear. Back in reality, however, they are repulsive and unneccesary. For those who agree, join the critically acclaimed club CRABS (Committee for the Removal of Atrocious Boots from Society).
Why is there such a thing as hot pink sheep skin?
av Señor Juan Carlos 12 februari 2005
Once used by Australians and New Zealanders to refer to a much-loved style of boot made from sheepskin, the word has now been trademarked by an American company to be used as a brand name (UGG Australia) for their made-in-China ugg boots.
American tourist: Are these REAL uggs?

Baffled Kiwi retailer: Um, are you wearing REAL sneakers?
av Chooky 13 juni 2004
A type of boot popularized by Australians. They were made to be soft, comfortable, and to be worn in many different types of climates. In Australia, they are worn in both moutainous areas and on the beach. The boots became a trend in America/Europe in 2003, and are still considered fashionable today. The ugg boots come in many styles and colors, ranging from slippers to taller boots. They are very pricy, being made from sheepskin. A chemical spray can be bought seperately to make the outer skin water-repellent. If not worn with socks, the boots can get very smelly very quickly.
Chick 1. I'm getting new Uggs for my birthday!
Chick 2. You're lucky. All I got were Fuggs for my birthday.
av CardPenComic 30 november 2006
Boots worn by every preppy girl who wants to be like their celebrity idols and worn by men who enjoy having gay sex. You can normally see Uggs in brown, white, black, and I'm sure numerous other colors. They also come in the form of slippers. The only positive thing about these hideous abominations made from sheepskin is that they are warm. But hell, you could by cheaper boots that are warmer. And while I'm mentioning the price, lets talk about the negatives. The price for these unholy, disgusting, eyesore boots are high. 120$ and up. They're ugly. Hence the name Uggs. They're hideous and if you ever see an unworn pair, you should incinerate them. In fact, if you see a person wearing them, you should burn them too. The world needs less idiots. Uggs are worn mainly by upper middle class and upper class teenage girls. These girls wear them because they're conforming and follow whatever their magazines and friends tell them to do. On top of that, they have lots of money, and their parents couldn't care less about tossing a wad of money at their kids. It should also be noted that these girls don't know that Uggs are made out of sheepskin. So be sure to tell them that Uggs are made out of kittens and babies.
Prep: Lyke oh mai gawd im goin to the mall 2day to git new uggs!

Me: You moronic douche. You're the reason for Americas decline in intelligence. You stupid conforming fuck, those boots don't even look good. Your IQ is comparable to that of a tomato and your personality is the equivalent to that of a People magazine. Go die.

Prep:...hahaha wut?

Me: *facepalm*
av thisisaname=D 1 mars 2008
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