Top Definition
This is someone usually on a forum, youtube or anywhere online with a comment section that thumbs down every comment on the thread.

Could be a correlated with a troll.

The thumb downers motive could be just boredom or just an attempt to cause drama online.
Person 1: Wow did you see the comment section on that youtube video every comment has a thumbs down.

Person 2: The thumb's down fairy strikes again
av Chris Waltham 23 januari 2011
Brand of troll who goes around 'thumbing down' a comments or posts on the Internet just to be an asshole, even when it is a very good well thought out comment or post.
I said David Cameron is an asshole and got 10 thumbs down for it, obviously there's a right wing thumbs down fairy with 10 separate accounts.
av Goth Doll 22 juli 2016
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