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n. pl. -s
v. to give a swirlie

Variations: swirley, swirly

A form of torture/punishment in which the victim is held upside down over a toilet, with his head in the toilet bowl, while it is flushed. Variations on this theme include holding a long-haired person over the toilet so that the hair merely rotates with the draining water or completely immersing the victim's head in the water.
Having been given one too many swirlies in grade school, and with the support of the EPA, congressman Nichols introduced legislation banning toilets, bathrooms, and any kind of response to "the call of nature."
av Ben Gardner 25 februari 2003
Holding someone's head down the loo bowl and flushing. A "punishment" often meted out by jocks to decent people who never did the jocks any harm but the jocks, being sadistic bastards, do it anyhow.

Also takes place in the UK. There, is is referred to as "The Flush" or an "Initiation Ceremony".
av KHD 20 augusti 2003
When a school bully takes you into the bathroom and dunks your head in the toilet, then flushes it repeatedly so it swirls all around your head.
In high school I used to give this kid named Eric swirlies in his own piss. I would sneak up on him while he was taking a piss, wait for him to finish, then grab him before he could flush and shove his head in for a good long while. Yup, He got a lot of piss swirlies.
av Rappunk799 18 juni 2014
1) A childish form of punishment; see above.
2) A tantalizing method of analingus. Requires precise dexterity of the tongue but success is often duly rewarded.
1) That fucking prick gave me a swirlie and ruined my hairdo! Fuck that!
2) Mmm...I did the swirlie to my girl and her pussy melted off.
av Tommy Wommy Womsters 17 september 2003
Where a persons head is put down the toilet, which is then flushed. Used by woman to humiliate their parter after using the loo.
My wife called me into the bathroom one day, i thought she wanted some kinkyness, but instead said she wanted to give me a swirlie, next thing i knew my head was being rammed down the toilet into her stinky shit, and then flushed.
av #@ 18 mars 2007
Someone who's existence is merely a holding pattern in the toilet bowl of life and who will go swirling down the drain at the slightest decrease in forward inertia. So weak is their character and constitution, that the slightest emotional bump in the road will send them swirling away. They won't even have time to curl up in the fetal position and suck their thumb.
He's such swirlie. He quit his job, citing self-esteem issues, then spiraled further into depression and self-loathing after moving into his mother's basement.
av jpinbayview 9 april 2009
A way a bully shows a nerd who's boss, by getting together with his/her friends and shoving the victim in the stall, and holding the victim upside-down over the toilet, finally flushing the toilet with the victims head inside.
That fucking nigger gave me repeated swirlies at basketball practice
av Swirlieman 29 mars 2005
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