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complimentary term for a kickin vagina.
Damn baby...yo shit was the best. You got sugar walls.
av willy lump lump 10 januari 2005
555 103
Sugar Walls are slang for a woman's vagina, usually one that has a sweet taste.
"I wanna stick my mushroom tip balls deep in some sweet sugar walls" - HodgeTwins
av Clark swagger 22 maj 2012
383 49
vagina. pussy.
av Finchy Poo 31 maj 2003
435 224
the walls of a clean vagina.
She licked my pussy so good cum was pouring down my sugarwalls
av Dedi 12 september 2007
71 24
Vaginal walls. This term was made popular by 80's singer Vanity in her song appropriately titled "My Sugarwalls". Besides....wuts sweeter than Pussy? I can't think of anything.
I Love when My girl's sugarwalls contract when she starts to cum. Yummy
av d3di 21 november 2007
57 23
When a wet, juicy and sweet pussy gets wet all over again while you're hitting it. Right before she is about to cum...
Man 1: I was deep in that pussy..the neighbors knew my name !! Then I felt her sugar walls..and I couldn't hold it anymore.

Man 2: Fuck!
av yllypsys 12 januari 2013
41 11