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someone who will break your heart the minute things get rough. no matter how much you have done to make things normal with stephen, it won't matter because he'll dump you.
the song grenade by bruno mars describes a relationship with Stephen.
av ohhowcliche 9 juli 2011
13 37
Annoying ass little shit who smells sour as fuck
That guy i sat next to in math totally smelled like a Stephen!!
av Queefx7.5 24 november 2011
16 41
Pretty much the most worthless person you could ever meet. He thinks he is gods gift to woman and an amazing person when actually he sucks in bed, he has multiple children that he doesnt see or pay child support for. He lies about everything and will screw a woman over any way he can and usually owes most people he knows money. He thinks he is batman and pretty much worships him but he cant really afford to have much batman stuff because he blows all his money on stupid shit then lives off everyone else.
Person 1: Did you hear about the guy who got arrested for not having a liscense?
Person 2: Yeah but he should just be arrested for being stephen.
av happy_where_i_am_cincodemayo 29 september 2011
16 42
A typical dark skinned teenager who has a small shirt size. He owns a weave which make his hair look very nappy. A kid who never has service in is own bedroom -_-. A kid who looks forward to eating KFC after school, with kool aid. If you look at the kids face you'll think that he appeared on Nas's Illmatic album. The kid tens to run away a cry sometimes when he is mad. A kid that gets really good marks on his report cards
av greenhippo43 11 juli 2011
5 31
the biggest asshole you will ever meet

he is mean and completely unfair

he will hurt you any way he can

he gets joy out of causing people pain

stay away from him!
Girl1: OMG i hate him omg!! *crying*
Girl2: forget about him, he is such a stephen
av mrs.heartache 29 april 2011
51 77
The lame retarded way of spelling Steven
Stephen- "oh, hey there other steve!"

Steven- "Your name is retarded..."
av Stevelord666 2 mars 2011
17 71
male name; originating in Quincy, MA; commonly abused by local priests or pastors; usually insecure about sexual orientation due to local clergy;

astrology belief is that men with the name Stephen are commonly strong loyal friends that are true till the end
Stephen does not father McAdams
av Rhin0247 4 februari 2010
17 72