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To hit someone with an flat open-hand.
When the Chicago Bears came to my second home "Da Dome" in New Orleans. I slapped them silly.
av Saints 15 oktober 2003
34 41
Underlings or subordinates.
All y'all slaps need to shut the hell up!
av drewsac 28 februari 2011
19 27
Said when someone does something stupid or wrong, sometimes accompanied by slapping on the top of hands. Can be negated by saying "no slaps" before someone else says it.
Bob-"Man, this is a good pizza cake..I mean piece of cake"
Jim-"Slaps! ahahaha"
Alternate example:
Bob-"Man, this is a good pizza cake..I mean piece of cake, no slaps."
av that1dudeeeeeeee 23 mars 2011
9 18
Joan: "Hey lets go to mickey D's"
Katie: "SLAP I'll see you there at 6"
av dahlka 16 mars 2005
14 23
A stupid and/or obnoxious person who talks loud in public. Usually, a slap has a bad haircut.
John's Bar was a lot of fun, until all those slaps started coming.
av Brew Boy 4 Life 11 mars 2004
14 23
Make up, especially when applied very thickly (because it's slapped on). See also "Slapper"
It took her half an hour to put her slap on.
av IanM 14 september 2003
14 23
A way of keeping your seat safe when you get up without anyone taking it. Sort of like fives, but for as long as you want. When you get up yell out slaps and slap your seat,
av zuzu444 23 augusti 2011
8 18