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A pissed off exclaimation, akin to "drat" but not quite so emphatic as "fuck a duck!" (The appropriate reply from anyone nearby is "Nah, it'd never sell.")
"What ? You forgot the beer ? Well, shit on a stick!"
av DS 24 september 2003
210 73
Expression of dissapointment or frustration.
aw, shit-on-a-stick!
av Alan L 6 december 2003
93 40
school lunch food served in school cafeterias
"wuts for lunch today?"
"shit on a stick ....like usual"
av uhhhMARISSA 21 september 2005
78 47
Lackluster or substandard. Possibly derived from carnival meat snacks such as sausage on a stick, chicken on a stick, steak on a stick, etc.
The University of Phoenix is shit-on-a-stick.
av Denise 4 december 2003
51 41
A product or service marketed aggressively without the mandate of strong demand.
That fly-by-night fast talker was just trying to sell me shit on a stick.
av gtg207u 25 augusti 2007
32 23
a black person with a peg leg.
that pirate is a "shit on a stick".
av TheDreamShaker 14 juli 2010
37 37
It's kinna like shit in a cone, but it comes on these little popsicle sticks. People named Casey really like them a lot.
James loves the taste of his new shitonastick! Don't ask him to share, he'll bite you.
av b4p 3 november 2003
8 8