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dirt; filth
The floor was covered with schmootz
av Liana 15 juni 2003
18 7
English misspelling of the German word "Schmutz"(pronounced "schmootz") meaning dirt.
What is this schmootz on my shoe?
av Kitty-tin 19 mars 2009
8 0
The seamen that back flow from a woman,s Vagina or anus after sex
After little Jimmy had his way with his older sisters anus , She had a gallon of Schmootz squirt out of her Ass Hole.
av bobfri 30 september 2012
5 6
Traveling Dirt. . .A mess that changes location.
I don't know where all this schmootz keeps coming from!
av Indiana Mitch 8 maj 2008
2 3
The stagnant film or vegetation on top of the water in a lake or pond. A nusance to fisherman.
Fishing the cove was annoying, I was constantly cleaning the schmootz off of my lure.
av Greg Jerdan 21 februari 2007
7 9