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Something That's so raw, and unbelievably awesome, that you just have to add both words together.

Raw + Awesome = rawsome
Dude, see that car, thats just flat out awesome! and its raw! its just frickin RAWSOME!!!
av Nefty 10 juni 2006
73 17
A diet consisting of raw foods.
Cathy: Want some steamed broccoli?

Kerry: No, I'm on a rawsome diet.
av Alice Box 1 mars 2010
10 8

Rawsome is the point of no return. Slurring speech, flashing bartenders, and public nudity are all part of being Rawsome. If you are being Rawsome, there is a good chance you will be kicked out of whatever bar or establishment you are in. Being Rawsome can also cause one to get arrested.
A bunch of friends went out drinking last Saturday. Around 9pm ET Rob got Rawsome at Smokey Bizones when he decided to sit at the bar shirtless. If I were to get shirtless at the bar, it would not be Rawsome. Family members were curious to why Rob decided on being Rawsome so early in the evening.
av smokeybizones 6 februari 2013
2 1
A mixture of Raw and Awesome, basically absolute insanity and coolness over all else.
That triple back flip off the bridge was rawsome.
av Potato 9123 15 augusti 2011
3 2
Being raw as well as being awesome.
Dude, that movie was so rawsome.
av Dr.Poncho 2 juli 2011
1 0
(RAW-sum) - (adjective)

1. as in awsome and raw in the same term.ad.

2. as in awsome and radical or (rad for short).ad.
1. Jimmy:whoah dude thats raw

Bob: yeah thats rawsome

2. suzy:dont you think that 360 degree tern was rad?

ashley:nah i dont think that was rawsome enough for me.
av Rawsome001 9 maj 2009
5 5
RAW + Awsome=RAWsome.
To be raw and awsome!
"Ay cuz, you seen that new war game for the Xbox 360???
That shit was RAWsome!''
av J-$crilla 3 mars 2008
15 15