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annoying little shits
I opened up the site, and all these pop up ads came up
av True to my Roots 7 juli 2003
73 10
1. Ads that no single person would even consider considering. Why must they even exist?
2. Synonymous to the words 'annoying', 'blinding', 'frustrating' and 'crash'.
I got pop-up added on of the future.
av Bastardized Bottomburp 12 oktober 2003
20 5
Fucking annoying scripts make by some homo sexual homo
man Im getting alot of pop up adds, theyre fucking annoying.
av Forge 21 september 2003
39 27
the pre-cursor to pop-under ads
when I closed the browser I found a thousand pop-under ads
11 2
A window that pops up on the screen suddenly, often without warning, advertising something. Nobody ever actually buys what the pop-up is advertising. They're just annoying pieces of crap. Some people create ones that install malware or other unwanted files onto a user's computer.

In other words, an embodiment of Satan.
I clicked the download button for a file on Megaupload and a pop-up ad came up advertising a free iPad. I knew it had to be a scam, so I tried to close it, but it wouldn't close. So I had to close Firefox in Task Manager, but that closed ALL running Firefox processes, not just the pop-up ad. Freakin' annoying.
av anonymous159057430583057832057 25 december 2010
3 0
The reason the internet sucks.
Pop up ads are FUCKING ANNOYING.
av Adrian 18 januari 2007
21 20