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the chains around your ankles until you've managed to a) runaway b) obtain a stable job and stable income c) die d) turn 18.
i'd be getting laid if it weren't for my parents.
av amanda 22 augusti 2004
2154 331
Noun. The people who brought you into this world, pretend to love you, and then proceed by shitting on your life.
My parents just told me that i have to go home tomorrow.
av Anonymous 25 februari 2003
1475 384
The people that blame you for everything that goes wrong.
Your the reason that everything in my life sucks
av Sarah 24 juli 2004
1199 314
People who you have every urge to kill somethimes and love the other times and on times you would like to pretnd don't exist.
Parents will be parents
av Anonymous 8 november 2003
1103 285
(n.) A member of the familiy, who takes first priority in trying to make your life miserable.
My parents said I can't go to the party.
av firedemonhiei 7 december 2003
1001 264
the reason that the teenage years are a living hell. they're only goal in life is to make sure you dont have one. also, to make sure you're childhood is worse than theirs was. and they never have good reasons to back their arguement up.
Me-can i go out with my friends?
Me-why not?
*like thats an actual answer.*
av Gerard's Prison Mate 27 augusti 2005
917 218
the only thing between you and an endless shitload of porn watching.
Hey man your parents caught you again man, did they take your computer?
av aaron 20 april 2005
869 245