People who use the "Add Definition" function on to argue, bitch, complain, and, generally, be belligerent.
av dark 30 juli 2003
People that put a persons political views or personal beliefs in the definition of idiot.
I think (insert political preference here) is an idiot.
av Anonymous 7 juli 2003
the people who come to & try to sound badass, but can't spell & end up looking like fools!
Did u read what that idiot wrote!?!
av khalee! 27 juni 2003
A person who accepts responsibility for a siuation or enterprise that they know nothing about.
Wayne Harris is an idiot for attempting to run the Eckerd Corporation.
av ANON 26 april 2003
Someone who eventually needs to be put down.
Matt was an idiot. He was rightfully hospitalized.
av Ereck Flowers 4 juli 2016
A derogatory term used to describe a person that presumably lacks proper intelligence. This word is more than often used improperly as the term is nearly always based off a laughably tiny sample space. Typically, one will be called an idiot for being responsible for one minor mistake. Being called an idiot often stems from an unintentional mishap within the confines of education.
Teacher: Kid 1, please spell bourgeoise.
Kid 1: B-o-r-r-g-e-o-i-s-e?
Kid 2: Ahah - Kid 1 spelled bourgeoise incorrectly! Wow, Kid 1, you’re such an idiot!

Kid 1 was referred to as ‘idiot’ by Kid 2 for the rest of eternity. No one picked up on Kid 2’s fallacy, much to Kid 1’s dismay.
av Aarachnos 20 januari 2016
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