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A pixel art game where many prepubecent children hang out to find a new eGirlfriend/eBoyfriend.

Habbo is raided by nigras who close the pool becuase it has AIDS. AIDS was added to the swear filter as the many people who raided it said it, many, many times.
1)Habbo's pool is closed due to AIDS
2)Where's our afro duck nigra?!
av Elite-chan 27 juli 2006
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A notorious online method of socializing known as Habbo Hotel, or simply Habbo. In this isometric, 2D program, users can buy things like virtual furniture, virtual cameras, and virtual pets, although there's a catch: You can only buy these items with real money.

In the actual Habbo world, there's a lot of corruption. People are fighting left and right, despite the noncombative nature of the program. The ineffective filter allows the most primitive alterations of swearwords to pass through. And there's a mob of unofficial sub-organizations trying to leech furniture off the Habbo populace in return for a high position in the organization, shockingly similar to real-life pyramid schemes.

But there's a lot of people Habbo has hooked into sustained usage nonetheless.
"Hi, how's it going?... Oh, don't tell me you've been doing Habbo?"
"Man, I put 20 bucks into a Mode sofa and some more film rolls."
"You really need to stop playing this, dude. I'm trying to help you here, listen to me!"
"Shut up! I hate you! I never wanna see your ugly mug again!"
av N8tehGR8 23 januari 2007
A sorry excuse for a game in which you can chat, swim, play and do a lot of other fun exciting things...

...with child molesters.

Basically designed for people that found RuneScape too hard, Includes: perverts, small children, morons, scammers, hackers.
It gets a lot of bad reviews, mainly because the lack of things to do, the generally pointless P2P, and the graphics. Which look like they were done by monkeys.
Currently one of the most popular 'Games' to get an E-Girlfriend/boyfriend on who is either 7 or 50.
Person: Hey what's up!

Person2: Playing Habbo, can't talk i'm in the middle of a game.

Person: Well i was wondering, want to go out somewhere at the week end?

Person2: Nah, i gotta play Habbo, my Boyfriend i met yesterday might leave me if i don't see him

Person: Jees, why would you want to date someone you don't even know? Habbo must be really sad...


Person: Goon.
av skrewi lui 27 oktober 2007
An online community where a large bunch of geeks, nerds, stupid internet gangstas, cyber sex-hungry thirteen year olds (esepcially Habbo Australia) hang out and chat with tiny pixelated characters

The whole place is pretty shit, especally Habbo Canada amd Habbo Australia
"Fuck me, that Habbo is shit"
av Bruce0001 19 januari 2007
Habbos are avatars created for habbo hotel. You buy fake furni for them with REAL money..
My habbo is rich as fuck
av - James B- 22 december 2006
An online community in which people who have no life nor friend in the real world hide behind a computer for endless hours playing a game. They play fake role playing activity's what shows their level of maturity. Habbo Hotel is monitored nearly 24-7 by habbo moderators who wish to be payed $12 an hour to be loved for once in their life by little kiddies.

The hotel is also managed by sulake staff that work in HQ's around the globe, their part in habbo hotel is advertising and making sure young teenagers say the love them so they can take advantage of them and make them spend heaps and heaps on money for a hang out for cock heads.

Then you have a fan site called that supports the hangout for cocks as well, they are dick heads accept for andrew charlie and tom see mining the do not spend endless hours on habbo hotel. Habbo's uses to chat about habbo events and to chat. The site is leasing into favoritisms and as legionnaire! said is a popularity contest. Unfortunately for you, you're losing. On a brighter note, you're winning at failing at life. Claps4u.

That sums it up habbo hotel is a hang out for cock heads if you hate it then
Example of maturity:

Habbo2: You want to have sex?
Habbo3: You look sexy.
Habbo4: asl.
Habbo5: Habbo isnt a game its life.
av Jewlake 9 maj 2008
A virtual chat room where people from around the world can meet and make friends. You have to pay real money to purchase furniture on the game, or win furniture in competitions, though it's not garunteed that you will win.

There is alot of people on the game that scam and start fights with people because he says he didnt scam them.

Svulle/Blocked Habbo AU: Spends 200AUD a month to win Battle Ball or Wabble Squabble. He is stupid and usually misses out on winning, therefore he has wasted $200. So in order to replace this $200 with Habbo furni, he scams his friends for some. He gets angry at people really easy and hasnt got many online friends, but he thinks he does. If he was to act like this in the real world which he does, he wouldnt have any friends.
av JicsinOw 14 maj 2007
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