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When taking a shit after you wipe your ass there is nothing on the toilet paper.
Gary: WOW that was quick.
Paul: Yea.. I did a ghosty!
av dcm89 26 januari 2010
49 18
The Ghosty is the act of pushing a bicycle firmly so that it will free-wheel out into a busy street and disrupt traffic.
Look at that bike go
av MBisaBP1 6 juni 2005
36 17
To get ghosty is to leave, otherwise known as to cut, get swindy, cat, or dip.
The other night i was in this bitch's bedroom at like 1 in the morning and her dad came in, so i hadda get ghosty on a chick.
av Erzbergender 20 oktober 2009
19 6
To disappear, leave without a trace.
1-Swing you like a chimpanzee, snatch cheese then I ghosty.
2-Policeman rolled up just after you left, so I had to ghosty.
av Babylon Badness 9 maj 2012
3 1
When you finish taking a shit and look down at the toilet, to find it has disappeared (further into the toilet's plumbing).
Possibly one of the most confusing experiences imaginable.

Not to be confused with a "white Angel"
Holy shit man, I just did a ghosty! At first I was like "where the fuck did it go?"
av CurrymuncherRaj 12 juli 2013
2 1
When smoking a bong; a draw is taken, the mouth piece is then covered, leaving some smoke inside the billy. After holding in the draw, and exhailing, the ghosty can be sucked in to increase the hit of the initial draw.

Some people believe that the ghosty is what gets you stoned, but that cannot be accurately confirmed.
*Takes draw* "Quick! Save the ghosty, it's the best bit!"

"I greened out from a ghosty once!"
av Chisai-Sakura 1 februari 2008
10 15
you have a very good mate to help...

Bring a girl back to your room and proced to have sex from behind, ensure she is facing away from the door and window....half way through allow your mate to take over whilst you slip outside, walk round to the window and knock she turns around to see your face outside realising what is happening...
I was with this guy last night, mid session I heard the door, thought nothing of it until I heard a knocking turned around to see a stranger behind me and the guy waving at the window!!!Ghosty
av ghosty123 27 maj 2009
9 15