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rocks the boat by being strickingly handsome.
dude, you are totally dubin...
av penelopec. 31 juli 2003
Dubin, pronounced doo-bin, short for dubinstein. A dubin is generally characterized as an awkward individual lacking social tact. Dubins can usually be seen wearing mismatching clothes and being bad at sports.
Should we give him a bid? No, that kid is a dubin.
av RollDamnTide 11 september 2011
To take advantage of an unconscious woman in the form of sloppy seconds.
No, no, I don't hang around with that kid anymore; not after he dubined a girl at the part last night.
av axg 18 april 2009
To say a stupid phrase or ask a question with a obvious answer
(While putting relish on hotdog)
Is that green ketchup

Dude that was such a Dubin
av Savin 21 september 2004
see nibud
av NIBUD 3 april 2003