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Urban slang signifying total agreement with and/or understanding of a person or concept.
I'm down with G-O-D.
Roscoe is ma' boy; I'm down with that brother.
av Storm 7 juni 2003
want to get with
hook up
i wanna get down with tara reid
av Jule 22 mars 2004
where i come from 'down' means the girl went down town on me ..........................if u dont understand she sucked me off
hey dude ma girl went down last night
av waldo 21 maj 2003
To have no money; to be broke.
Aye, you got a dollar?

Naw, man, I'm down.
av Lady Matrix 9 juni 2005
Common term for Downs-Syndrome, it means you fuck other retards, and can only dominate cats.
He has downs for fucking that retarded girl and beating on that cat.
av Aaron De Roberto Job 7 september 2009
Meaning to give oral sex to a women or a man.
"yeah i went down on her"
av brett 15 februari 2005
(v) To bash someone so hard they fall over.
I'm gonna down ya!
av Rohan 16 november 2003