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The position in which two women, using a double dong, or two-headed dildo, insert either end into each vagina and penetrate each other.
Instead of them just going ass-to-ass, why not just make them go double doggystyle? Even two guys could go ass-to-ass!
av Jonah Levy 28 mars 2007
17 13
When to people are ass to ass having sex. With two women a dildo is involved. With a man and a woman the mans penis is bent back and penetrating the vagina or anus. The two partners are able to look through their legs at each other while in the position.

I have done this position with my boyfriend several times. It is possible!!
Lets get a little frisky tonight baby, and do it double doggy style.


Did you see those two lesbians doing double doggy style with that big pink dong?
av Foxymcgraw13 1 juli 2009
4 4
it is when you have two girls asses in front of and you stick your dick into one and then into the other etc. it is like pistons in a car.
av josh grant 27 maj 2003
15 18
in a threesome with two guys and a girl, when one of the guys mounts the girl doggy style and the other guy mounts the first guy doggy style.
i know this threesome, and they like to do it double doggystyle.
av snarky 28 maj 2003
18 23
A girl, in original doggystyle position, has her legs and ass on some small cart. the guy is also on the cart, fucking her doggystyle, while the girl walks them around using her hands and arms.
Last night, we went out onto the ice on my toboggan and i fucked her double doggystyle!
av JonnyT MacEnroe 13 oktober 2008
4 10
This position is made up. It does not exist. The pleasure factor would be zero therefore making it an erroneous position. Clearly noone would ever fuck like this.
The pre-pubescent fools above me should keep posting about movies and their friends from school because they clearly know nothing about sex.
Find me 2 girls who think that's an enjoyable way to make love and maybe then will I admit it exists.
'Snarkys' definition could possibly be considered valid, but I think 'double doggystyle'(if it did exist) would be a double penetration in the 'doggy' position.
av Diego 21 november 2003
11 22