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whuz tha dizzel, muh nizzel?!
av `Pac` 19 september 2003
a bunch of dick heads
Man that Elevatror Clan is a bunch of dizzles
av Mike (the Boiler) 30 april 2003
having listened extensively to the african-american / hispanic etc musical phenomena known as hip-hop it can be pretty much any word beginning with D
you get it dizzel-face
av roco 2 februari 2004
Snoop Dogg's Word... See Chizell, Nizzel. Means dick, cock, penis, willy, etc.
Suck my dizzel! For Chizzel my Nizzel! Snoop Doggy Dogg.
av Joe 2 april 2005
its a dick
you dumb ass
she sucked my dizzle
av nawney420 23 juli 2003
A short slang name of Andy.
What up An-dizzel.
Stop being a dizzel, dizzel.
av tbone 18 september 2003