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Any person who puts out for KFC coupons
Trey is Tim's Crack ho.
av Timmy D. 8 oktober 2003
157 38
someone who has sex for money for drugs
(same as crack whore)
She's a skanky crack ho!
av Benito 26 januari 2003
112 22
A crack head who is also a slut or prositute.
yo that bitch is a fucking crack ho
av Richard Yee 27 mars 2005
87 21
A member of the female sex who delights in the pleasures of illicit drugs, espically cocaine of a cheepened baking soda variety.
"Hey Jim...look over there that crack ho is so nasty. damn!
av Ja Ja binx 18 september 2003
32 7
one who exchanges sexual favors for crack, also can be a lot lizard
My ex got with that crackho after me? Well he sure ain't getting no more of this, that's for sure.
av Cinna 5 januari 2005
14 4
Def: Someone who will do anything to get what he or she wants.

Origin: Crack is such an addictive drug women will trade sex for it.
Playboy, Tyronne is such a crack ho. Just to eat sushi, he offered to wash Keshia's car.
av Bif 9 december 2004
20 33
1) a prostitute who only sells access to his or her anus. 2) butt monkey 3) a girl who exposes her anal cleft by wearing pants that ride too low.
Man, sometimes you can get a crack ho for half as much as a taco ho.
av Mike Oxhard 10 juli 2006
17 50