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Commack is on Long Island, that's in NY by the way. Filled with every type of people imaginable, but we get along. Every nationality, every age group, every personality, and every clique. It's filled with potheads, whores, geniuses, and socialites. There are daddy's girls, independent sons-of-bitches and those who you just can't define. It's a metropolis of the most interesting people you will meet, from the most disgusting to the most amazing people. You just need to find your place among them, because for the most part any circle of friends will have someone unlike them in it.
Commack itself is the best example
av Mike B 11 juli 2004
Though predominantly wealthy and Jewish, other ethnicities and eco-social classes do exist...somewhere...Commack is home to one of the highest achieving school districts in the country.

Commack has a bunch of social cliques including JAPs, Preps, Jocks, Punks, Skaters.
Commack has the top kickline team in the U.S.
You know you are in Commack if you...
Love to go to Coldstone
Wear Juicy, Hardtail, SoLo and 2bfree
Have the latest Tiffany
Bring your Coach, Burberry or Dooney to school everyday
Eat Sushi
Wear a side ponytail
Go to sleepaway camp
Have Crocs in every color
Are Jewish
Have a big house and drive a nice car
Belong to the "Club" and play golf there often
Pay someone else to clean your house
Get your nails done every week

Commack, in the running for being one of the jappiest places to live on Long Island.
Commack, similar to Dix Hills only not right next to the LIE.
av Commackgrl 14 juli 2006
A place where the rich act hood and the posers act tuff. A place where anyone can get drugs under 30 minutes. A place where the jews run wild and make the poor look poorer. The shithole of long island, Commack is to New York as New Jersey is to America. A fight is normal 6 to 8 times a day. Good luck in Commack but don't expect any Commack Pride cause we only have 1% left and we're saving that for the next time we win a football game.(never)
Silly white boy go back to Commack.
av CMack Wigger 5 december 2010
A city in Long Island, NY. Let me tell you something, I live here and ZERO of the things below apply to me so obviously that is a false statement. Not everyone here is rich and Jewish.
Person: Where are you from?

Other Person: Commack

Person: Oh you must be rich and Jewish

Other Person: STFU
av hdfgoihfgoivsIO 29 april 2011
the worst place ever. people say we all get along? check again, there is so many groups of people that if you're not like them, they don't like you. so many rumors start and spread in like .002 seconds. there is such much drama. The girls are even know to be the bitchiest girls ever, even though we arent all like that.
boy:where you from?
boy:ew you're from commack. i hate people from commack. bye.
av thesummerset 26 januari 2009
Commack is an amazing town on Long Island, and no matter what you say it is pronounced like this: coemack. Okay? Alotta people in Commack like Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture, and love to eat at Campa pizzaria and Granny's ice cream. But that's north Commack of course. We also have Courtney Galiano from So You Think You Can Dance. Commack is home to some of the best schools and sports teams in the state.
Me and my friends love to hang out in Commack . <3
av christinafromcommack<3 10 juli 2008
A pussy town on the north shore of long island, NY. There just a bunch of nerds nd preppie faggots, they get fucked up by any town they try to fight aganist in huntington township even elwood who has 200 kids in each grade has stomped commack out in a brawl. Commack has been on northports dick for tha last 40 years, all commack kids try to copy northport swag but they just cant pull it off. They think there hot shit cuz they have a good school districit with high taxes but some how they think there hood lmao. They got mad teachers over there rapeing the children, they got a bunch of snobby ass jew girls with big noses nd fuckin anooying accents.
Commack is mad gay last time they went to a northport party, they got shot up wit pellet guns nd smashed threw beer pong tables dont lie abe hwang ur crew got ran threw.
av PortTownRunsThaIslandNiggas 31 januari 2010