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1.A Pak/Indo condiment made with spices.
2.A Carribean type of music.
I eat chutney on my rice.
av Salma 25 januari 2004
A type of music, made in mainly Guyana & Trinidad. This type of music has soca, and broken english broken down into it. The beat is usually fast. And something you can wine fast to. Chutney was made from the west indian people of Guyana and Trinidad.
Put on some Chutney music gyal?
av Extacy 15 februari 2007
The substance that comes out of gay man's ass when he farts. A mixture of shit, semen, and vasoline.
Dude, that gay guy probably has to scrape the chutney off his wall every night.
av ReidG 11 augusti 2007
An undefined part of anatomy used for comic effect
Get out or i'll kick you in the chutneys.
av Richard Osmond 18 oktober 2003
vaporized marijuana; used for cooking or smoking
Smoking chutney is a very cerebral high but very harsh on your lungs; it is better use it for cannabutter.
av chutney13 6 mars 2012
another word for back door bandit.
oi chutney you take it up the chuffer
av scooby dobby doo 15 augusti 2009
the most cutest, nicest, funniest, smartest girl you'll ever meet. if you find yourself a chutney..you really are lucky
hey, i want a girl like chutney
av camronelijah 15 mars 2010