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to hit on someone (preferably a guy on a girl)
guy sitting with a girl at lunch, his friend walk by and says, "I SEE YOU CHOPPIN!!"
av kaboom34997 7 december 2010
72 14
-the act of being lazy; knowing you have to get up and do something productive with your day, but you would rather sit on the couch and text and watch the history channel and look at facebook.
Jordan, you're choppin hella hard today, let's go play golf or something.
av cgp24 21 september 2009
97 42
v. when a car has rims that continue to spin after the car has stopped(spinners). When the rims are spinning at a high velocity they are considered to be choppin
After my homeboi got off the freeway, them blades on his Cutlass was choppin until the stoplight turned green.
av lex05 1 november 2005
98 57
The art of killing waterfowl (especially geese) as the invade your decoys......Also well known as a battle cry right before you pull the trigger!
Wait, not yet.....We are gonna be choppin these mofo's in a second!.....10 more yards....That's close enough! CHOP 'EM!!!!
av The Chop Master 28 september 2010
30 14
to be chillin' and waiting to do something
We were straight up choppin' while the blunt was being rolled.
av J. Gibbs 3 augusti 2008
16 4
cocaine aka blow... ect
Yo nigga, my bitch is feigning for a high. You got the choppins?
av diago delgato 18 november 2007
4 5
sellin drugs
yo are you choppin?can you chop some tree?
av mcsneakss 12 september 2009
19 21