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When having anal sex with a homosexual partner,
having shit on the knob of you penis after withdrawing.
Man, you just gave me a choc top
#anal sex #homosexual #gay #fag #poof
av Define Man 5 april 2006
A homosexual after having sex with his partner.
Partner1 - WOW! I got a choc top!

Partner2 - I feel so Fudged right now.
Poo covered dick
-Oscar, want a choc-top??
-fuck yeah!!!
#oscar darvill #choc-top #anal #boys #gay #poo
av Ilovechoctop 5 oktober 2015
it is when you have anal sex with someone, then pulling out your penis which is covered in their shit and then getting your shit covered penis sucked, blowjob.
After having anal sex
Matilda: wow that was great
Nathaneal: ready for desert?
Matilda: mmm... is it your choc top?
#sex #chocalate #shit #blowjob #anal #its over 9000 #dirty
av 9001 naked men 10 mars 2009
The poo on the end of a gays dick from to much intercourse of the anal kind
Josh you suck on kanes choctop
#choctop #anal #gay #homo #josh
av Jaseizzle off the hizzle 30 oktober 2006
1. Somebody attuned to doing someone up the anus for sexual purposes
that guy's such a choctop cos he knocked that girl up the batty
av Scott Tufrey 24 maj 2004
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