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A semi tubby man that can consume alot of beer, and bangs mass chicks.

Look at chibby over there doing that chick from behind while double fisting his beers!
av The Chibb 23 augusti 2007
21 10
A short person who looks like they should be taller but arent.
Whoa look at the chibby over there!
av christina g 4 juni 2005
37 19
A joint of marijuana rolled by someone who doesn't know how to roll proper joints. In the case of placing a large, not propeperly broken up amount of marijuana in the middle of the joint and rolling large points at the ends.
a. Wanna smoke this fat ass joint man?
b. Joint..? That's not a joint. That's a fucking chibby.
a. What's a chibby?
b. It means you should invest in a roller.
av Paul Condencino 20 januari 2007
14 8
That chibby costs us 20 for a 1/4
av Ghandi 18 september 2002
19 29
An annoying fat friend that complains a lot, and bundles himself in blankets in the corner of the room. Throws many veiled threats.
Chibby...shut the fuck up...
av BS and AT 11 juli 2008
8 19
The man. Master of Trigonometry and drinking a lot without hurling. The writer of Hiyah!
Wow, Chibby just took his Trig test while drunk, and aced it. Oh wait, is that zero right or zero wrong?
av mattski133 on aol (aka Chibbs) 8 september 2003
13 39
Chubby but skinny
Fernando: That girl is, like, chubby but skinny
Habib: Colin Friels!
av dunk 10 november 2003
13 41