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From the French, literally "it goes." When asked as a question, it means "how's it going?" (Ca va?) or used as a response to that question, it means, its going fine. (Oui, ca va.)
Allo, Pierre, ca va?

Oui, ca va.
av Jfishjr 29 augusti 2006
580 207
A misspelling for the French word "Ça va" which means "How are you?" "How goes it?"
People would often reply "Ça va bien, Merci. Et toi?"
Which would mean "It goes very good, thank you. And you?"
A person who replies with "Ça va" means it's just going good.
Person 1:

Bonjour, Ça va?

Person 2:

Bonjour. Ça va bien, et toi?

Person 1:

Ça va! :D

Only a n00b would use ca va.
av Tokiotht 16 oktober 2010
47 23
Cava a town in Massachusetts thats spelled "Carver" but pronounced "Cava" with the accent.
I am from Cava.
av mike 3 juni 2004
23 14
Word in Antwerp dialect of Dutch meaning "all right". Can be either a question or an affirmative answer, or both! Coming from the French "ça va?". Pronounced as /sa va/.
Jos: "Rudi, cava?"
Rudi: "Cava !"
av chaser 23 april 2005
16 12
are u fine
hello grek , cava!
av RAjIV A 10 november 2003
12 18
A greasy greek who loves the cock
Stephen Cava loves the cock
av samool 9 september 2003
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