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A growing musical group with a growing fan base that appeals to a generally small demographic, mostly emo and goth types. Heavily ridiculed by the general public for their radically different sounding music which includes heavy screamo and techno sounds. Sounds bad recorded, but much better live.
"Hey have you heard BrokenCYDE?"

"Yeah dude, it sucks, how is that even music?"

"I thought so too until I saw them in concert. They actually weren't that bad."
av geckoman343 23 juni 2009
A screamo/hiphop/rock band. People-Corrections- Low lifes need to stop picking on them because it is a waste of time. They are a great band to me and many other people. Whether you like it or not, I am sure you would not want people picking on you. Be happy we even have music. If this was the only type of music alive, then you would have to deal with it.
"Oh, my God, Betty-Lou did you hear of BrokeNCYDE? They're terrible!" "Shut up Bobbah-Lou! If you were them you wouldn't want to be picked on now would you!? Get a life. Music is great, and so is BrokeNCYDE. Well to me it is." "Fine. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! I'm sorry!"
av xXForgottenXx 5 juni 2009
the best freakin band ever. amazing beat, lyrics, screams...just, awesome.
ayyeee pimp, did you go to the brokencyde concert?
eff yeahh! it was incredible!
av bc13 lover 28 maj 2009
An american screamo/electronica band.
That consists of 4 male members.
Also known as BC13.
brokencyde is a rad band.
av IWalkWithShadowsX 2 augusti 2008
A band hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico, USA. Their music is very unique and combines crunk-type hip-hop vocals with screamo and electronica beats. Brokencyde is composed of four members and a mascot. The members are Se7en, who is the primary rapper and screamer, Mikl, who is the first hype man and occasinally adds latin and robotic sounds to the beats, Phat J, who is the back-up rapper and screamer, Phat J also works the synthesizers, and makes sure all of Brokencyde's beats are fresh, Antz, who is the second hype man, and controls the fog machine and lights during live shows, and Bree, the pig mascot of Brokencyde.
And you say BREE BREE, and you say BREE BREE, bitch you know I'm impressive.

Brokencyde is an amazing group.
av pdubb777 25 juli 2008
A really awesome band from Burque, New Mexico.
Brokencyde is so fucking awesome
av ifhdgskjldrhiu 16 april 2009
One of the best bands which features this hella tight screamo rap combo that can really just spice up ur party/raves.

Their music is like alcohol. You don't like it at first, but then u start getting used to it, and sooner or later u just can't get enough.

BC13 bitchzzzzzzzz
Get some crunkjuice.
Get it.
av screamoANDrap?dooood... 19 januari 2009