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girl who gives head frequwently to anybody who askes and some that don't

aka whore
laura is a bobblehead
av slak 1 juli 2004
490 112
A female who likes to give oral sex on a regular
Man, that girl was a bobble head last night.
av f Cathey 20 augusti 2004
492 152
A bustdown; or a girl that gives good head.
That bitch is a bobble head dont fuck wit her, she suck everybody dick
av Jasmine Carter 21 december 2005
201 53
The act of oral sex, hinted to in my own definition of gooseneck. A direct reference to the head of the female bouncing up and down around the cock-al region of a male during fellatio, resembling a bobblehead doll after its head has been tapped.
Dude, she gave me some amazing bobblehead last night.
av Paul L-K (while blunted) 22 mars 2005
316 177
-n; refers to a female who freely gives oral sex to random males without pay
You can always get oral sex from her because she's a bobblehead.
av Gabrielle Jones 21 november 2005
285 153
a girl that sucks so much dick that her head is refered as a bobblehead
that girl was on me wit a bobblehead!
av Jay 8 januari 2004
129 48
A person who gives a lot of blow jobs.
"Does she put out?"
"No, but she's a great bobble head."
av C_CA 8 juni 2006
110 34