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He is a good graphics artist with a tendency to overglorify himself. Some works deserve it, some don't. But he isn't a god. He's good, but not a god.
He resides at N-Sane's forums, which he mods.
Bloodmatrix goes through about 1000 site designs before choosing a final one.
Bloodmatrix has a tendency to wet his hair at every sink he sees.
av Lloyd 24 februari 2005

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BloodMatrix is a graphic design guru, web design extrordinaire, etc. He resides in California, USA. His reputation for outstanding web-design abilities is well known among his online hangouts and has spread exponentially.
His site is www.bloodmatrix.net
"Seen any of BloodMatrix's gfx? He is a god"
av BloodMatrix 22 februari 2005