a day kind of like the hunger games except with middle aged mothers fighting over stupid gifts they can buy online.
guy 1:how was black Friday
guy 2:It was awful,A stupid bitch threw a box of Twinkies at my head and some grandma ran me over with her shopping cart.
av 1-800retards united 26 november 2013
Black Friday:

Sociological-Pathological phenomena of American people trampling others for unneeded things one day after being thankful for what they already have…
"Joe camped out for two days in front of the Computer store on Black Friday..."
av Critik2be 20 november 2012
The day after Thanksgiving.
Known as Black Friday because even white people will steal from stores as if they were hood ass black people.
Did you see that lil white boy stealin' all the shit from the mall?
He was actin' like it was Black Friday.
av Giraffe's Baws 2 december 2008
Black Friday - The day %75 of retail workers want to murder themselves. As they look at the clock that says 11:55 P.M. They're nervous because they're about to face the time when 3,000 stupid mother fuckers come in trampling one another for pointless half price bullshit like a fucking like a toothbrush. Half of these disgusting fat fucks smell like Satans shit pit, on they're way to buy some deodorant that you can obviously tell they hadn't wore for 8 fucking years. Of course, you also have India's population full of fucking retards waiting out side of Best buy and GameStop to get a video game $25 off, or the greatest ever taller and 1mm thinner newest fucking IPhone in which they'll either crack the screen, leave it in their pants when they put it in the washer, get some virus by watching a fuck ton of porn, or Apple will just make a new taller and thinner "Cutting technology" iPhone in another 3 months. So they chunk the one they murdered a pregnant lady and 4 small children to get off a cliff and buy the new one for $1500. All of this happens ironically after the day we admitting that we are thankful for everything we have.
*BREAKING NEWS* a 76 year old lady was killed on Black Friday by a 32 year old man while arguing over who gets the last (insert useless item)"
av TheUD at IFunny 26 november 2014
The day after Thanksgiving when all of the BHart family and friends are extremely hungover due to the massive quantity of wine, beer and liquor consumed. Also the amount of sleep deprivation acquired from staying up until 8 in the morning really doesn't help.
Sean - "Jesus Christ,... What the hell happened to Adam"
Dan - "He was at BHartmanor for Thanksgiving last night"
Sean - "Oh snap, I forgot it's Black Friday"
av BHartron 28 november 2014
The day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the first day of the Christmas season and the busiest shopping day of the year. Called "Black Friday" because of the massive profits retailers rake in, recording them in black as opposed to red which denotes losses.
"I'm going shopping at 10 this morning"
"It's black friday, everything will already be gone!"
av Ars gratia artis 7 december 2013
The Friday after Thanksgiving when ignorant Americans stand in line for 13 hours and stampede over innocent bystanders in order to get a deal they could've gotten 3 weeks ago on that George Foreman grill if they would have used that fucking coupon. As a retail employee, this is THE WORST day of the year.
Dude, I don't wanna go to work today, it's Black Friday.
av CandyGirl03 28 november 2014
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