yes it is attention deficit disorder and how would you know that it stops your learning ability. it is common in younger children and they seem to have the most trouble leaning.

add is a common disorder in young children
av JayKay 25 februari 2005
x: Damn, Al Gore is dumb, what's his f-ing problem?

y: Ya I know, he has A.D.D. , you know, Adult dumbass disorder!
av Col. Bruce HAmpton 12 november 2009
Attention Deficit Dater:

noun: a condition in which someone has a very short attention span and bores easily when it comes to dating, and moves on to the next person after only a few dates. They repeat this pattern, quickly moving on to dating someone else, and yet again, becoming bored.
Guy: "I'm not sure what happened to Sandra. We went out for three dates, and everything was great, and I haven't heard from her. I saw her last night with Jim."

Girl:"Don't sweat it. The girl's got ADD."
av Nautigirl 5 maj 2007
I have ADD, its Hard So my Definition is every1 just thinks you are god dam dumb and naughty but your not u r actually fuckin cryin inside and wishin ppl would understand u
me: (wen i was at school),,, Doing boring work so i turn to my mate and chat and I get up and walk about

Fat bitch of a hoe teacher: What r udoing out of your seat u r always fideting and being annoyin

Me: ERRRRR I am Bored and I have done this work b4

Fat Bitch of a hoe teacher: what are you Just plain Naughty havent your perants brought you up right.

Me: No miss, Im not naughty..I got ADD remember, and my perants have brought me up right.

Fat bitch of a hoe teacher: ADD theres no such thing U r just plain naughty and theres nothig wrong with u

Class: Laugh at me.

Me: Runs out crying
av Spike123 14 augusti 2005
Anal Distraction Disorder,
New internationally agreed upon psychological term for the condition, (formally classified as TAPS), whereby the sufferer is prevented from concentrating on anything for any length of time due to an obsessive compulsion to scratch his arse. In schoolchildren this disorder results in their being unable to absorb any information at school, giving the (sometimes false) impression that they are too fucking thick to educate.
Thankfully the symptoms are now treatable by a variety of methods, including strong phsycoactive drugs (causing the sufferer to sit in silent terror of his own halucinations, but from the outside he appears to be concentrating hard on his lessons). Another more progressive treatment is omega 3 fish oil, which one presumably rubs on his arse to relive the itching.
Terrence Fucktard was pleased when his diagnosis was changed from TAPS to ADD, as he could now sell his prescription as 'trips' to his classmates
av Effluent Mills 28 augusti 2008
Antifunctional ( one word) Dick Disorder
Dude, when u start to lose, don't go for the nuts. He has ADD.
av L. Blox 6 juni 2007
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