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A show on Animal Planet, in which incompetent hippies attempt to stop Japanese whalers from doing their jobs. However, by doing so these worthless tree huggers only make fools of themselves.
While watching Whale Wars the other day, Matt and Kevin realized how much they hate Peter Hammarstedt. Unfortunately, he's a main character on Whale Wars.
#animal planet #hippies #green peace #whales #japanese #nerds
av LYCOPROV 26 december 2008
A documentary based show on animal planet, starring a team of incompetent "eco-warriors" on their quest to stop Japanese whaling in the Southern Antarctic. These people value the lives of a completely abundant species of whale, the minke whale, more than their own with such comments as "if I die saving even one whale I don't care". Every episode gets more retarded, with such fuckups as dropping the lifeboat line prematurely almost killing half crew in season 1, blowing the engine of the boat at the end of season 1 due to no trained mechanic being on board, letting their helicopter fall into disuse due to lack of maintenance, ramming the heavy steel Japanese trawlers with their incredibly weak-hulled "Steve-Irwin" boat and terrorizing Japenese crewmen with glass bottles and flash bang grenades. The show progressively becomes more retarded, with such tactics as throwing stinking butter on the deck of the trawlers in order to taint meat making it un-profitable, driving directly into ice-fields a few miles north of the Antarctic nearly sinking the ship and killing the entire crew...
"Whale Wars was on lastnight"
"Did you watch it?"
"Yeah the captain paul watson heard about japanese whalers so he immediately went to his cabin to sleep on the idea while the rest of the crew did nothing"

#whale wars #retards #hippies #paul watson #animal planet
av Noel18 19 maj 2010
A dumb tv show where a bunch of incompetent hippies chase the Japanese whaling fleet and others in a futile effort to stop them from doing something that is not wrong or illegal in any way(there whales not people). They have no idea what they are doing at all and generally do dumb things like deliberately ramming other ships, trying to disable the propellers of other ships with ropes, driving through perilous ice fields with a ship that is not designed to drive through ice (which nearly destroys them), making a mess (ie throwing glass bottles, "stinky butter", and flour onto other ships), causing international incidents, illegally boarding other ships and getting decked then complaining about how their crew was taken "hostage", driving around the ocean with inadequate fuel supplies, lying, and generally agrivating the Japanese and others which usually just gets the hippies in trouble. In one episode they tried to interfere with the seal hunt, were boarded by the Canadian Coast Guard and arrested, also their ship was confiscated. They also like to exaggerate things for example the captain claims he was shot but it was just a piece of a flashbang thrown from a Japanese ship. The captain likes to shoot his mouth off on tv and is the least sane of the crew who do whatever he wants. Are bound to have something very bad happen to them if they persist. Please dont watch this show your life is too precious to be wasted on this (unless your watching it to laugh at them ;))
Whale Wars Sucks
#whale wars #hippies #treehuggers #incompetent #sea shepards #dumb #tv #whales #whalers #interference #illegal #decked #icebergs #detained #coast guard
av CoffeeForJaffer 22 november 2009
a show on animal planet that has a fat canadian guy trying to stop japanies people by throwing smelly stuff at them
i was watching whale wars and i saw a faggot so i changed it
#stupid shows #retards #fat guy #gay #faggot
av fred matiison3 9 juli 2010
Popular game played at mid-west college parties among a group of severely drunk males brave enough to partake. Object, locate and score with the fattest chick you can get. Whoever successfully bags the biggest "whale" wins.
Yeah man, she was huge, he won whale wars for sure.
#fattie fuck #fat girl #fat bitch #big girl #porker #hottie #hot bitch #10 #hot girl #hittable #butterbody #fatty fucker #chubby chaser #pork party #party buffalo #whalewars #wale wars #wayle wars #whayle wars #wayl warz
av Zonaboi 9 februari 2011
Two or more oversized white women fighting it out
"Dude, you see that fight?"
"Nah man"
"Oh dude, you missed a total whale war!"
#fat #white #women #fight #whale war #bitch fight
av georgiahomeboy113 26 december 2008
A tradition passed down from generations upon generations in which two young gentlemen partake in periodic challenges of whit and cunning. The two men wager upon how many "whales" they can "harpoon" in one night. In reality it's how many plus size woman they can hook up with at one party.
"Carson's bachelor party was pretty ridiculous last week. It started with taking shots and turned into a hardcore round of whale wars."
#whale whores #battle sluts #whale whale whale! #harpooning #moby dicking
av Pistol Jobin 1 september 2012
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