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Our first letter, SIGMA, represents Sisterhood.
Sigma Sigma Rho not only celebrates sisterhood amongst women of South Asian decent, but also the combined unity of sisters from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Together, all of the sisters of Sigma Sigma Rho nationwide join to form a sorority unlike any other.

Our second letter, SIGMA, represents Society.
Sigma Sigma Rho believes in the importance of cooperating with service organizations that strive for similar goals. Sigma Sigma Rho volunteers in many different ways to give back to the community. The national philanthropy is specifically aimed towards helping women affected by domestic violence.

Our last letter, RHO, represents Remembrance.
Sigma Sigma Rho embraces the cultural ancestries from which its members descended and strives to carry out the voices of our ancestors in society today. Sigma Sigma Rho educates its members based upon the values and traditions of South Asian culture.


Founding University: St. John’s University
Founding Date: December 10, 1998
Colors: Blue, Black, and Silver
Principles: Sisterhood, Society, Remembrance
Mascot: Black Mare
Flower: White Rose
Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention
Motto: “Mann, Atman, Dharam, together they are one, we will not fall, forever we are one… Qayamat Tak!”
SSR Rushee: You sisters are all so classy and have so much respect for each other!

SSR Sister: We are very proud of one another, and always maintain our sisterhood for each other. Sigma Sigma Rho girls are always true to their souls!
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av smileeee123 30 juli 2013
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