Stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. This test is required by most colleges, though some will accept the ACT instead. The SAT has come under much controversy, especially because so much weight is put on how well a student does on a single test. Many opponents of the exam have said that many students are creative, but cannot perform well on standardized tests. Also, it is now popularly believed that wealthy students can "buy" their SAT score. Many hire the best programs and tutors that money can afford to get high scores. As a result, there is a notable difference between races and social classes in their SAT scores.

However, the SAT was revised as of 2005. Previously, the Math and Verbal SAT were on a scale of 800 (the scale starts at 200) separately, people often stated their score out of 1600, adding together both scores. The new SAT has many changes. Firstly, it has three catagories: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing, and therefore ones' total score would be out of 2400 rather than 1600. Also, the infamous analogies, a section that was particularly dreaded by high school juniors and seniors, have been removed. Finally, components of the SAT II: Writing have been combined, including the 25 minute essay. This section has been criticized as well, especially because only two graders read it once (Each grades on a scale of 0-6, and those two numbers are added together).

The SAT is resented by many students and in recent years the ACT has become more popular, because of its more straight-forward testing approach. However, at the moment the SAT is still needed to apply to many colleges.
The SAT is a test that many people feel to be an unfair way to judge the worth of a student.
av Diana 22 augusti 2005
The past tense of 'sit'.
I sat down before realizing that all of my chairs had been taken away by the repo men.
av Diggity Monkeez 25 januari 2005
a test that was created to judge your ability to answer questions that will never affect your life in the 75 years you will be here, used to help determine your ability to perform well in college
Clyde: Did you take the new SAT yet

Me: Yes I can't believe i paid to sit for 3 hours and have a backache
av Diablo45 1 november 2006
1.Suck Ass Test
2. The Stupid Ass Test that everyone HATES! and it is annoying to Seniors, Juniors, and to some other people who's parents are annoying them ahead of time about it!!!!!
3.something that will mess up your whole life if you fail this horribly!
1.I wonder if the test will be gone if 50 people killed themselves so the SAT will be gone.
av Liquid Tang 30 mars 2005
A test given by a PRIVATE company whose soul insterest in making money. The SAT used to only have two secions in which they could not rape you with bias, because it was only multiple choice. NOW the SAT has a writing section. If you write something the conservative christian graders disagree with, they will give you a zero out of 12. Make sure you write something that will kiss "god's" ass.
My essay for the SAT was so fucking good, but I got raped by the conservative christian graders because I said that religion failed.
Ever notice how the Asians always seem to b studying for the SATs...well that's bcause it's...
Sexy Asian Time
Asian 1: hey it's time to go "study" for the SATs
Asian 2: yeah
av PeeMyPants 25 mars 2009
Stupid Asshole Test. A fucking MATH and VOCABULARY test that FUCKS millions of kids each year out of $150 million each year. And another $100 million for the prep courses. The test doesnt mean SHIT. FUCKING ASSHOLES think the test is gods greatest gift to man. These COCK SUCKERS who dont find anything wrong with the test need to GET THAT FUCKING COCK OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS because they are so FUCKING RETARTED. And these FUCKING CUNTS need to drop the FUCK dead.
I wiped my fucking ass with my SAT scores.

My kid got fucked by the SAT.
av Andy 26 juni 2004
Suicide Assessment Test- this tests your ability to not commit suicide before taking a really hard test.
Can't...take it...going SAT*phew* finished.*drops*
av divide 20 oktober 2005
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