Propaganda arm of the U.S. Democrat party.
Guy A: I heard that Obama's health care reform laws will give free health care for everyone, will lower taxes, lower the budget deficit, will result in healthier and longer lives for everyone and will still allow private insurance companies to operate freely in free market competition.

Guy B: Oh yeah, who told you that? Obama?

Guy A: No, I saw it on the NEWS.

Guy B: What news?


Guy B: ...
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av default013 14 oktober 2009
Top Definition
The liberal version of Fox News. A complete joke of a 24-hour news channel (even considering that 24-hour news is a joke to begin with) that is so liberally biased it is pathetic. Refuses to criticize anyone on MSNBC or NBC programs, but demonizes all other news channels. Known to omit a section of news in online videos that has been debunked to show the entire report was an outright lie. Uses the same tactics as Fox News to sensationalize news and to perform character assassination of conservatives. Even matches Fox's worst talking head, Bill O'Reilly, with an equally shit talking head, Keith Olbermann.

The major difference between Fox and MSNBC is that Fox uses token liberals who can't defend their own opinions to effortlessly destroy a dissenting view, while MSNBC just piles bias into a dumpster truck and runs you over with it. Otherwise it is the same limpdick, unprofessional, one-sided reporting that retard party-line voters drool over, because if either side were ever asked the tough questions, people would realize how shit both Republicans and Democrats really are.
The religious right watches Fox, the looney left watches MSNBC, and everyone else debates which one is the worst cable news channel ever, Faux News or PMSNBC.

Fox News: "SE"XBOX Mass Effect Scandal
(Have you even played the game? "No.")

MSNBC: Global Warming "North Pole" Scandal
(This is the North Pole. Wait, penguins? Oops! Just take the penguins out of the online video, no retraction needed!)
#fox news #pmsnbc #bullshit #nbc #bias #retard
av deathgigasx 21 maj 2008
MSNBC Pretends to be a 24 hour News network. Unlike CNN and even Fox News, MSNBC does not play news or news updates for several hours on weekends and late at night. Instead they play lame documentaries like "Lock-Up: behind bars!" If you watch you can learn prison sucks and it is populated by both dangerous people and people that do not want to be there! Datelite reruns from 10 years ago are another MSNBC favorite. Major events have happened and they did not interrupt "Headliners and Legends: Cher."!!! But who need to know about a bomb going off in Baghdad killing five marines when you could be watching Cher on a 24 hour News Channel.

Obama made elitist remarks in San Fransisco saying Pennsylvanians, "cling to guns or religion." So MSNBC Pundits and host down played the remarks saying they don't know what he meant. Some how they all knew Bill Clinton was being racist for saying Jesse Jackson did well in South Carolina then not so well in the remaining primaries.

It's fitting Microsoft owns a stake in MSNBC. Their Journalism is about as reliable as windows.
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av Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. 13 april 2008
An acronym for "More Socialist Nonsense & Bull Crap". Usually viewed by fucktards who are oblivious to the real world, and/or wine-sipping communists.
You must be watching MSNBC if you think that tax and spend policies fix the economy and the national debt.
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av dferrari 22 juli 2011
MSNBC= Al Jazeera network. Left wing bias, that only left wing nuts listen to. Worst ratings on television. Has idiots like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews. All liberal nuts who bow down to our socialist president.
Man, this MSNBC channel is an anti-American channel filled with a bunch of whiners.
#msnbc #al jazzera #liberal nuts #keith olbermann #chris matthews #anti-american
av Big tuna 88 28 april 2009
The source of most propaganda in the media and a joke of a cable news network. It has been criticized for its lame, one-sided reporting, and is so biased that it could never be mistaken for real news. MSNBC frequently engages in character assassination of anyone it disagrees with and even demonizes other networks, especially the Fox News Channel. Its journalists repeatedly take peoples words out of context to put a liberal spin on everything. Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz are the worst of the worst. MSNBC mocks Republicans, Conservatives, the Christian right, rich Americans, poor Americans, conservative talk radio and Americans with traditional values. MSNBC can't be taken seriously in anything it reports. Even liberal media outlets like the NY Times and LA Times don't consider MSNBC a credible source. MSNBCs ratings are so low that it has to air repeats of shows like Hidden Camera: Caught on Tape and To Catch a Predator, just to compete with the mediocre networks.

Its parent company of NBC Universal should take MSNBC off the air and stop wasting the airwaves with its nonsense. MSNBC is sad.
Working for MSNBC is the fastest way for any journalist to kill their career. People want news, not propaganda.
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av krock1dk 26 mars 2012
That OTHER news network that nobody seems to care about.
Guy 1: Hey did you see MSNBC last night?
Guy 2: MSNBC? The fuck is that?
#msnbc #news #national news #fox #cnn
av Crescendo878 24 september 2009
the off-brand CNN
MSNBC is like a fox news for the left, but much worse in quality
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av moron392 9 december 2010
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