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(1) Little Ugly Midget Penis or a really small penis.

(2) A guy who thinks he got a big penis but actually has a very small one.
"That nigga got a lump."

"FYI - he got a lump."

av TruStarz 6 april 2009
2 4
To hit someone, especially in an unprovoked manner.
The guy looked like a tosser so I just walked up and lumped him.
av Nutsack 27 oktober 2005
18 21
a person with no arms or legs
after that horrific combine harvester accident, jimmy gained two new nicknames:

'lump' and 'torso boy'
av Freddy Fitz-Smythe 3 februari 2004
7 10
An unusually large or fat person; Someone with a little "junk in their trunk"; Someone who is lazy and socially rejected; A lethargic and fat person
Liam is such a lump! You don't even know! You don't even know!
av Maddidly 14 maj 2008
0 4
A lump is a large bump caused in pants when a man/boy/transvestite gets a boner and tries to hide it. Hence forming a large lump that makes the zipper go all funny.
Oh my cock! Look at Harold's lump. I didn't know sex ed videos could do that.
av Morgasm 25 maj 2004
9 14
A word used to replace any word in any sentence.
"I lump you"
"Go lump yourself"
"That lady is lumpy"
av metallicmagic1989 20 juni 2006
6 12
A game in which two extremely bored people toss a hat on to each others heads. One person sits on a lofted bed while the other sits in a chair or on a coffee table. Lump is achieved after one person manages to toss the hat onto the head of the other person. Origins go back to 2004 A.D. after Cool Kyle gave a lame definition of the word lump as a smell of two people in the process of making out.
Zach and Randy played lump after Cool Kyle gave a dumb example of the word.
av Randall 22 november 2004
10 16