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in my words a gay guy wh like's to f*** cock.!
dang that boy's jos'e.!
av amanda 4 mars 2004
10 37
A man whose legs are so hairy, he looks like the half boy/half beast creature on Narnia.
Damn dude, I know you must be hot cuz you got that Jose going on and it's 100 degrees outside.
av Stew-Pac 20 augusti 2010
18 49
The guy who is racist as fuck and needs a life and always tries to win over the girl of his dreams desparately, he lies, he is a bad kid, and will always be a mexican douchebag.
Hey look, it's Jose.

Oh yeah, he's a Jo. (Ho)

Both guys laugh histerically.
av Jose hater because he's an ass 16 oktober 2010
27 67
typical name for a brown guy or a mexican.
the other day while walking through tijuana i yelled for my friend Jose and half the population turned and said "Que?"
av Mike Ocksbigger then yours 16 februari 2009
57 96
Most Awesomest Sigma Nu known to all brohams.
1. That frat brother who despite being shy is down for his shit.
2. That guy in your chapter who a. has the most set of letters or b. has the most expensive set of letters.
Broham: Did you see Jim the other day? He just bought those crazy Gucci letters!
Brosef: Yeah I know he's trying to be all Jose about his letters and get all types of crazy embroidery!
av SigmaNuFAN 22 mars 2009
14 62
Most awesomest person in the world besdies Elisa
Jose is so cool, but Elisa is cooler

Jose is so raw dieezel

Jose is Rawsome an cooler than Elisa Villa Way cooler
av Elisa Villa 16 januari 2009
35 83
fugly slut, pronounced Jose-aye dirty mexican.
shes such a jose!
av thetruthcghdfghfhfhf 8 november 2010
11 61