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A term comprised of the English words illiterate(not able to read or write) and bastard(one not knowing their biological father). It started circulation when literate people referred to those unable to read or write properly in a derrogatory way.

People whom this term refers to can be easily identified in the way they speak, write, read, and type. Symtoms include lack of capitalization in writing or typing, constant abbreviations of words like "you" and "people" in writing or typing, inability to convey coherent thought in any form of writing or speaking, inability to read with a steady flow, inability to discern the difference between misspelled or similar words, and the list goes on and on.

Many of these people "hang out" on the internet, where they are immediately recognizable by the way they type, such as shortening of small words, malusage of the shift key, and constant usage of incoherent terms not recognized nationally as part of the English language.

An estimated 75% of all Americans are said to not be able to properly define what grammar is. In this author's opnion, it is sad that so many people cannot even properly use their own adopted dialect.
Many times you will see bastards using terms such as "ppl," "u," or "omFg!!1111111111111" on the internet.
A stupid thick cunt who is of a low intellect.
Book Distributor.."Excuse me sir, would you like this free book to read?"

Illiterate bastard.."No thanks, I can't read, I'm an illiterate bastard."
av Caldow 17 april 2007
The average American. IM client of choice is almost always AIM or ICQ, and computer is usually filled with gobs of spyware due to not using Ad-Aware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster, or other legit anti-spyware programs while using Internet Explorer, as well as clicking on every popup and ActiveX window seen thinking "OMG liek i won!1111".
Illiterate Bastards make Baby Jesus cry.
av Intelligence: The Anti-N00b 6 november 2004
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