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combo of the word fuck and faggot used as a noun. derived from the retardation of a dyslexic child who couldnt get her insults correct and came up with fuggit as a mistake
dude1-"dude i hella got inna fight with my girl over toilet paper."
dude2-"...dude ur such a fuggit...."
av killazilla 4 november 2007
7 39
Alternate of "Fuck it" to be used when you don't wish to use fowl language, but still wish to express the same thing.
Aw Fuggit!
av HUGSaLOT 2 oktober 2003
52 6
Another word for "fuck-it".
When somebody says fuck it really fast it comes out like fuggit
*guns click*
Oh fuggit.
*guns fire*
av Teh Dave 13 juli 2003
27 13
The act of giving up.
"Ah, fuggit."
av babycakescookie 23 december 2008
14 5
im not doin my homework....fuggit.
av rizba 17 december 2011
5 3
it doesn't matter.
Wait a minute Bob, you had sex with a calf? That's disgusting!
Fuggit, it waz perdy good. I'd do it agin.
av Butcher's Pal 1 augusti 2009
7 9