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The sharing-network that is used by popular programs like KaZaa, Grokster and MLDonkey.
Warez is for the poor.
av zacon 29 november 2003
7 2
Getting work done as quickly as possible, to make things happen without delay
Tommy will surely fasttrack the work process. Dont Worry!
av Milzzz 3 augusti 2009
4 1
A common replacement for every swear word out there
shut the FastTrack up you dirty FastTracker
av lorsyN 19 november 2010
1 3
A group of neeks in a class who go to The Hollyfield School. Often in the bottom group for P.E and enjoy maths. It is very rare for them to have more than a handfull of friends of which are also in fast track.
Guy 1: Are you in Fast Track?

Guy 2: Yes, why?

Guy 1: No wonder your such a neek.
av hatter123 13 april 2011
4 12