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A common mistake made by those who cannot spell correctly
Well, everyone who spelled it 'epicly,' just failed epically.
av Red Essence 25 november 2010
216 60
Done with lots epic-ness. >> =O
"Oh my, That was said epicly."
av TANDYYPANDYY 2 september 2008
42 55
Epicly finds its origins in its root word, epic. It is an adverb and was first used on Friday, October 24, 2008 on Digg to describe what many believe is a lack of intelligence on the part of Sarah Palin as it relates to reality. Epicly generally has a negative connotation.
1. Sarah Palin is epicly stupid. 2. I accidentally the whole thing... epicly.
av John Pickens 24 oktober 2008
18 55
failing super hard, thinking eating vegtables makes you hard. etc.
he thought by eating vegtables that he could become the greatest body builder ever. he fails epicly because you need PROTEIN.
av Dkwannabe107 23 mars 2009
6 48