A kid who is usually emotional. They don't want to make their feelings public and end up expressing it mainly through poetry or songs. They listen to what they want to a don't care what others say about their tastes or likes. They are true to themselves and don't change like most scene kids. They don't shop at hot topic 24/7 and usually buy clothes that are more so comfortable than stylish. Dark colors are popular but it's not always black. They do not catagorize themselves as emo, others around them do this. When they cut, they usually intend on finishing it off or making it nice and deep. Scene kids usually scratch or draw fakes scars on themselves. Emo kids are not concearned with the likes or dislikes of others that are minescule to them. Emo kids also tend to stick with others that understand them better such as other emos and they care for their pack. Emos may seem like rebels or punks, but they rebel only if they believe in something. You will see them laughing and enjoying themselves because all people do. They think many things are very beautiful and they are saddened by the fact that so many people fail to see this and destroy it, what ever it may be. They don't look for acceptance, they except themselves.
Scene kids show off "cuts" on wrists or arms, ect. They want everyone to know about problems. They wear the newest clotes that they can find at to topic and wear it to look cool. They rebel against anything because they think its cool. They want to fit in with anything and they hate everything in life because they are little faggs that can't appreciate any beauty what so ever. They change to fit most peoples approval and are just fake and shady in general.
av HeroMustDrown 26 mars 2011
Cool. happy people. that listen to really awesome rock music. that is full of talent. sometimes sad. but only over things that typical teens are sad over. emo=emotive. originally emotive hardcore. which started in DC. emo kids. love local music and just being themselves. which is usually different than anyone they know. emo kids love to be original. and hate hypocritical people who don't know what emo even is. and think that emo kids are just sad.

EMO KIDS ARE IN EVERYONE. THEY ARE TRULY ORIGINAL. and their style can not be defined! it is always different. the clones you see. are not emo but wannabes. who are lost and need help and give emo a bad name.
Emo kid: The coolest most original person you know you lets people know what they think and feel. and stands up for what they believe in. whether it be god or satan. they'll back em to the end.
av Dylon W. 29 juni 2006
Real Emo Kid-
-Emotional person
-has appreciation for good music (that acutally means something and isnt talking about women and cars.)
-dont care what people think
-DOES shop at hottopic, but doesnt buy the clothes just because they thinks they are cool, but because they like them
-dress how they want
-do what they want, even if its corny
(thats just a sum)

Fake Emo Kid-
-calls themselves emo
-shops at hottopic excessivly and brags about it
-buts clothes they think are cool
-crys in public on purpose just so they get attention
-says their misunderstood and alone all the time
(watch out for these ones, they are pretty much the stupidest people out there)
real emo kid- "so what are you listening to?"
fake emo kid- "the red jumpsuit apparatus."
real emo kid- "really? oh i love them."
fake emo kid- "i just got their cd yesterday..."
real emo kid- "what song are you listening to?"
fake emo kid- "uh... i dont know, number 5."
av Margarita Lee 16 januari 2007
person who is picked on because of their amazing emo clothing style, being in tune with their world and senses, and not being afraid of rejection by the popular people. they write to release, and are not afraid of their feelings.
the emo kid was up all night writing poetry.
av xblacktornheartx 29 mars 2005
There are WAY many people complaining about emo kids.
Grow up. Please for the sake of this world.
Grow up. Any way yeah. Emo is not rimmed horn glasses, tight pants, and band Ts. It is not caring about what people say. It can be very hard but yes that is what it means! God you people stop posting that emo kids are annoying. Annoying emo kids are the poser kind. Here is my list of emo defiitions

Real Emo- Doesn't care. There are many reasons why they don't care any more. One reason could be that they are just to jaded from parent, freinds, random peeps from school ect. Some cut. Some don't It really maters on the person. They may wear black. They may not. The point is, is that emo people don't care if some one makes fun of them
Real Emo music- The Used, Underoth, From First to Last, and Afi. (that's all that I can name off the top of my head)

Posser Emo- May or may not cut. Uashully wears all black. Thinks they have a real reason to be depressed when they really don't. They tried to be goth but they failed at that and became emo.
Posser Emo music- Dashboard Confessionals, Good Charolate, and Simple Plan. (I am not saying these bands aren't good I'm just saying Posers ushually love them)
Semi-Emo - The mix of normal kid and real emo. They don't care what people think of them yet they tend to give in to people and get feelings hurt easily.
Semi-Emo music- see real emo. (sometimes semi emos music is softer)

All emos or bulimic/anerexic- hardly ever
All emos draw anemi-ushually tru but not always
All emos cut- False
All emos are bi/gay- Not Always
All emos wear black- ushually true but not always
Boy 1: Hey it's an emo kid!
Real emo: fag
Boy 2: you're the fag
Real emo: *looks at Boy 2 weird*
Boy 2: you gonna go cut yourself now?
Boy 1: Or are you gonna go draw us some anime?*laughs histaricaly*
Real emo: *flips off boy number 1&2 and walks away*

Boy 1: Hey it's an emo kid!
Emo Poser: *walks away to go cut*

Sitoution 2:
Girl 1: Ewww...two gay emo guys
Emo boy 1: We're not gay you idiot.
Emo boy 2: Hey wanna get some pizza
Emo boy 2: Yeah I'm starved

Girl 1: Girl 1: Ewww...two gay emo guys
Emo boy poser1: *starts crying*
Emo boy poser2: It's okay. let's just go back home and listen to Dashboard Confessional.
Emo boy poser1: *sniff* okay.
av Cashmoo 24 september 2006
Emo is not a word that can simply be defined using words. The only way you can define it is by living it. Emo is not just a genre, it's a way of life.
I,ve been emo since birth.
av Slit my wrists and black my eyes 27 februari 2005
there is a checklist that each emo kid must complete before she/he can say that she/he is truly "in touch" with her/his emocity:
1. any means of preventing food from entering one's body (including, but not limited to, choosing to eat a raw-only, macrobiotic diet that essentially excludes any foods found in a local grocery store, taking pills for her/his depression which decrease appetite, piercing one's mouth shut with upper and lower labret piercings) such that one's weight never exceeds 90 pounds (for boys it should be under 75)
2. wearing "skinny" fashion jeans that inhibit proper walking by making knee bending an ambitious activity to attempt
3. for guys, their shirts should ALWAYS be too small to fit their girlfriend, or the guy they are fucking on the side
4. emo hair is KEY!: fashion mullets, side parting the hair to the point that specially formulated adhesive glue is required to keep the hair to one side, and fashion rat tails make up the general choices
5. hair must be black or so blonde that it is indistinguishable from white.
6. must drive a vespa (or a car so small that only you and your skinniest friend can fit)
7. wrist bands are also necessary to cover up the so-called "suicide attempt" scars
8. must be in/have been in a band at some point. lyrics must discuss only those topics which make the listener want to kill his/herself.
9. black rimmed glasses or fashion contacts are necessary. if no actual vision problem is present, one emo kid must purposefully hurt the other emo kids vision so a prescription for said glasses can be obtained.
10. must be able to whine incessantly about how much she/he hates her/his life and discuss how hard it is living in their parents' house, eating their parents' food and using their parents' money to buy their emo clothes and band equipment. hating their parents' for being "soooo strict" is also part of the emo code of conduct.
11. writing "lyrics" (suicide notes) during class, in a dark bedroom, or under willow trees on windy days must be done often to prevent any distance from forming between said individual and their soul.
12. sex is NOT an option if you are emo. rubbing your naked bones against anothers' while crying and whispering that this is the "closest you've ever been to someone" is now your version of sex if you are emo.
13. if you don't have a MYSPACE, just give up now, becuase you will NEVER make it in the world of emocity. get a myspace, take 31563486 pictures of yourself in your bedroom (with your $500 digital camera that your parents bought you) and try to look AS SAD AS POSSIBLE! ABSOLUTELY NO SMILING IS ALLOWED! place witty captions under the photo that discuss how "awkward" or "weird" you look in the photo. discard the 31563485 other pictures that were ACTUALLY bad and never speak of them again. pictures taken of yourself from above or in your bathroom mirror are a good start.
14. on the off chance that you ever experience a good time in your life, NEVER show it! this would totally wreck your emo cred that has taken lots of good time to build in the scene!! it's a hard crawl to the top of that emo ladder. just train yourself to sigh and say "god i'm depressed about my girlfriend leaving me" everytime you're about to smile or laugh.
15. talk about how no one understands you (or your friends) but NEVER let anyone who does not fit the emo rules listed above into your group. this would be detrimental to your cred.
emo kid: "dude, i wish i was dead, just like the kitten i had when i was in grade 2"
av Emoness 6 augusti 2006

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