An Emo Kid, is someone who's EMOTIONAL, Emotional doesn't necessarily mean sad all the time, it just means that emotions waver easily. I'm emo, I'm not always sad, I don't have a specific emotion that I stick to for attention, just when we do have a strong emotion, it's very deep and, yes it is kind of a style aswell, with the drain pipe jeans thing, and the side fringe, except right now I have a foward fringe, so the stereotype doesnt exactly always apply, don't judge us, everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be.
Emo kids -
Dedicated in love
Obvious when we're sad or happy
We're not all loners either
av ChloeT 25 oktober 2006
Emo kids are just lost in music. They spend A lot of their time listening to different bands...anyway "emo kid" is just ANOTHER stero typ,e everyone is different..why label??
There is no way I can desribe "emo kid"...they dress how they wanna!
av Ashilee 11 december 2005
The look (for guys): shaggy hair, tight pants, vintage 80's tshirt, vans (shoes),tote bag swung around their waist with buttons and safety pins, thick framed glasses.

The personality (varies): sweet, romantic, depressed, heart felt.
"cheer up emo kid" =)
av soEMoIm dead 20 juli 2005
oh my.. an emo kid.. first off.. most kids get mistaken with emo kids and posers.. (scene kids).. the posers are the ones who show off their scars and cuts to people. they only cut for "fun" and to be "cool". they listen to emo music and dress emo cause they think its "cool" and will make them "popular". those are not emo kids.. why doesnt anyone understand that?

most emo kids will be wearing mostly all black and have written some depressing dark poems and depressing lyrics about heartbreak. some wear the studded belts. some go to hot topic. they hate labels. they usually dont listen to known bands such as fall out boy. their hair is usually a dark color or dyed. they might have black nail polish on and the straight up emo guys will have black eye liner on. most emo kids now do not wear the black thick rimmed glasses. the definition for emo has changed over the years. some emo kids hate being called emo.. and rarely will u find an emo kid who is proud to be "emo".. the kids who say their emo and label themselves are the posers.
"look everyone! i cut myself yesturday!"

"labels are lame and popular bands.. do kinda.. suck.."
-emo kid
av Lexxi 6 december 2005
Emo Kid Definition:
Ok the proper definition of an Emo kid, I can give. Now a real Emo kid (not a poser) wears w/e they feel like, mostly it can be tight jeans (girls) and tight clothes in general and might have a piercing or two and usually wear all black with black hair. however Emo kids could dress just like normal people, or sometimes even wear more gothic than Emo clothes really creating a little emo/goth mix trend. Emo’s almost always have their hair in their face, at least covering one eye, most times both. Emo kids usually listen to love songs, sad music, and now and then some modern; they also like metal now and then. now all the hype about Emo kids cutting themselves can be true, cutting in a way is very addicting, pulling the Emo kid, into more depression and anger from the cutting causing them to cut more (the depressing music only makes this worse) and some Emo kids don’t cut at all (however most do, simply out of depression) emo's are very passionate kind, and understand the world a lot more than any stuck up prep, rocker, ect. And can be very romantic, usually they have hobbies such as: writing poetry,
Listening to music.
Emo kids usually don’t have many friends and may seem quiet or shy but are actually some of the most social people you'll know once you meet one.

(All these depend on how Emo the subject in question is)
Fact - Emo aren't Emo because they are despised, they are despised because they are Emo.

Fact - Emo’s try to be different...

Fact - The Emos' inner turmoil stems from one crushing fact. They purport to only want to go out in the rain - to hide the tears that stream endlessly down their faces - yet the rain messes up their "ridiculously cool" hair - what to do? You can see the harm this kind of problem inflicts...

Fact - Tell an Emo that you and everyone else understands and cares and they will have a breakdown (depending on how Emo they are)

_________________________ ___
(Most of this r disputed)

Myth - Emos can't walk outside if there is sunlight, that's why they all have this white skin and dark hair. (May be true at times)
Emo music:
Hawthorn heights,
My chemical romance,
Panic! At the Disco.

Emo clothes:
Usually tight,
Black as well usually cover anywhere from 3/5 of the face to all of their face, they usually try to hide their eyes so no one can see how they feel.

(Emo kids r also usually very sensitive)
av emoyasha 2 december 2006
person who listens to good music (emo)which is about emotions, coping, problems with society, being alone, and all the emotions people are actually feeling. the difference between emo kids and the other preps, jocks, and all them is that the emo kids aren't afraid of being rejected by the cliques and will admit that they arent ecstatic and they dont do so well all the time. emo kids are quite usually judged because of their amazing clothing style, and also because they are in tune with their senses and their world. they look past to see an actual meaning to everything. the music is not shallow, meaningless shit but it represents what is real.
the emo kid was sitting in his/ her room, up all night, writing about how unfair life is.
av xblacktornheartx 29 mars 2005
An emo kid is an individual who listens to music that really is emotive and is actually proper music ie not pop or dance crap. We dont cry all the time, we cry inside because this world is an awful place and we dont fit in. We wear baggies, band tshirts or a tshirt over a sweater, converse basketball boots (odd pairs)and messenger bags. We dont all have to wear it, we can wear what we want because we dont care. We often get called posers- ok u call us that but the only thing we pose is real emotion. Oh and we can be happy, i'm smiling now.
"This won’t mean a thing come tomorrow
and that’s exactly how I’ll make it seem
Cause I'm still not sleeping,
thinking I’ve crawled home from worse than this"- Taking Back Sunday
av Emily 11 december 2004

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