The best genre of music ever, created by Cookie Monster in 1983.
Death Metal is not Satanic.
av Mr. Zimpy 23 november 2009
Originally a sub-genre of thrash metal pioneered by Possessed but made better by other band Death and Morbid Angel. The genre involves highly distorted, fast-paced guitars, blast beating drums and vocals that are unintelligible or make lyrics hard to understand.

Today there are several sub-genres of death metal. Technical death metal focuses on having complex leads and song structures. Brutal death metal is all about pushing death metal past the boundaries in speed and aggression. Melodic death metal has higher pitch vocals and melodic guitars. Deathgrind fuses the complexity of death metal with the speed and aggression of grindcore. Death/doom fuses the double bass drumming and growling vocals of death metal and the slow tempo and pessimistic mood of doom metal. And deathcore mixes the gore of death metal with the core of metalcore to get a genre even more gay and worse than metalcore.
Traditional death metal: Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide
Technical death metal: Cryptopsy, Psycroptic, The Faceless
Brutal death metal: Suffocation, Aborted, Dying Fetus
Melodic death metal: In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates
Deathgrind: Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation
Death/doom: My Dying Bride, Paradies Lost, Anathema (early)
Deathcore: Bring Me the Horizon, Job for a Cowboy, Suicide Silence

Death metal is the most awesome genre ever. Too bad that everyone else besides 2 other people are scenes who listen to metal/deathcore and would probably melt under the intensity of death metal. I say "GORE NOT CORE" to them.
av I R ROJA 20 februari 2009
Brutal. Is there really anymore to say? In your face blast beats, crushing guitars, and fuck blasting bass lines make it one of the heaviest genres, but also one of the most unappreciated.
Nadroj: Deathmetal is satanic, and bad. The music is simple, and has a structure as weak as the twin towers.
Metalhead: You're a fag. You have no balls.
av raper of souls 14 januari 2004
Music for those who consider brilliant technical mastery of an instrument more important than actual songwriting.
"Music with careful subtlety and texture is for pussies. I prefer death metal."
av rationalthinker 29 november 2006
A less looked at form of music, mostly used by people who do not like the way music is supposidly used on stations like the so-called "MTV", which used to stand for Music Television, but, it really should change to "RTV", Reality/Rap Television.
Whenever "Rap" is not on it is a reality show, and vice-versa.

Most people who do not like Death Metal, refer to the ones that do as "Goths", when goths listen to much different things, specificly Goth Metal.

Most people who say these things are most likly 1 of a fewe things, niggers as in ignorant, Emos, or even those who just go along with the said others.

Death metal was never really "Started", Rock just slowly evolved into what is called "Metal", and eventually became other things, mostly another word with metal at the end (Death metal), adn is much different than the last, if you acctually take the time to give an acctual reason why they are different or the same, you must acctually study them, insted of spewing a bunch of crap, thinking that whatever you say is right, when what you consider to be "Death Metal" are bands like Limp Bizkit (Metal/rap) or SlipKnoT (Mallcore).

Death Metal bands are really never shown on T.V., unless of course a child happened to listen to a death metal song once, either 5 years ago or minutes before they killed someone or something worse, which is supposidly linked to "Subliminal messages" in the lyrics, or background, when these songs must now go through extensive checks by EXPERTS to see if anything is being played.

Most of these accuzations are link to Video Games as well.

Most Death metal bands are probably not even names, rather, they are small sentances or a word or two that are acctually real, unlike names like "50 Cent" which is suppose to be said as "fidy" cent, which is acctually a country way to say it, and not hip-hop/rap/slang way at all.

Death Metal T-shirts are normally looked at as "inapropriate", and as they are saying this, someone could talk to them wearing a shirt, by a singer/rapper, who has sung about or is on the shirt, talking about drugs, women, whores, pimps, gangs, or all of the above.

Death Metal is mostly misunderstood by EVERYONE, because of the fact that it is not really "Singing" about anything that is "realistic", like a black man getting anything he wants by talking to women or "Ho's" that will talk to him and do anything to "Fuck" him. Because, what's more realistic? A fantasy world drempt up by the slacking common man, or violent activities in history or the news?

Death Metal can also be classified as "Satanic", where people who listen to it are "Satanistic", or Satan Worshippers. And in reality, neither God nor Satan seem to try to influance us in anyway that they would, or rather, should, according to Bibles and other writtings.

If Satan did influance musical activites, do you think he would use the least heard and most misunderstood and supposidly link to his activities? Or use the most common and most listened to, most bought, and most brainwashing without acctually using subliminal messages? What would make Satan more happy? 30-30+ followers of the music in a large residence, or hundreds of thousands upon millions in just one country?

So after looking at all of this, is "Death Metal" really all that bad? Or is it the other forms of music that say it is bad in order to listen to the more "Mainstream" music, which already makes hundreds of millions/billions more in revinue without trying to switch Death Metal followers to thier own music?

It's pretty damn clear.
(An insult of Death Metal?)
Scream that above line 85 times in a gruntish voice while smacking your fists randomly against the desk.

It seems they can't even think of an insult by themselves without listening to thier favorite singers/rappers.if you look, almost all the entries that put down Death Metal, say this, pretty much EXACT.

(A person who understands Death Metal)
If death metal's the lowest common denominator in popular music, then pop and rap are the lowest common denominators in REAL music.

av Vireseus 30 april 2006
Although it seems in many places Death metal is a simply brutal primitive form of music, dealing with gore and satan and what not. There IS a form of it highly intelligent, and insanely technical. The Death Metal Bands from Quebec/Canada. This hermetic genre comprises the like of Cryptopsy, Martyr, Neuraxis, Quo Vadis, Gorguts, Spasm, Kataklysm, Unhuman (VERY undergrounds band, extreme technical death/grind), Disembarkation (also very underground, very progressive and technical, which all have the main quality of hyperblast-beats, complex brutal and technical riffing, and surprisingly very little refference to gore and the likes (with certain exceptions). Main themes lie in human psyche, self-developement, emotions, life and even some metaphysics. Others are pure reject of religion and anything conformising.

Well worth a listen to anyone not initiated to this incredible genre of music.
Cryptopsy follow Cannibal Corpse, yet push the limit farther by being more brutal and far more technical, not to mention having less pointless lyrics for the most part.
av nil_gnosis 27 april 2004
1.A type of metal charicterized in many ways. Mostly having screaming or growling lyrics, anti-rhythmatic guitar beats and extremly heavy drumming. 2. Kick ass music
1. Hey, what kind of music is this? Oh, thats Death Metal.
2. This music is so much better than all that poppy shit they play on the radio.
av Jevin 19 juni 2003
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