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The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta is The United States Army's premeir Counter-Terrorist unit. Delta along with Navy SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) and The Air Force's 24th STS form JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command.). Delta Force usually recruits primarily from the 75th Ranger Regiment, yet many Delta Operatives have earned their Green Beret and went through Ranger School before going through Delta screening. Delta Force has been rumored to have a drop out rate of 99.972%. (Example: If you gathered 100,000 fully grown, adult males only 28 could pass Delta screening.) Delta also cross-trains with The British Special Air Service and other Special Forces units of Allied countries.
Earn a Green Beret, get your Ranger tab, go through Delta Force Screening and maybe cross-train with The Grandfathers of Special Operations (The British Special Air Service.). How many people could do it?
av Frozen Eagle 6 december 2012
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1st Special Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, is a secret Counter Terrorism Branch of the US Army. They specialize in Hostage Situations, Recon Missions, and Counter Terrorism.
But failed miserably the day before the Iranian EMbassy seige in the UK which the SAS dealt with superbly. Sadly Delta failed to secure the hostages' and many died. Now they train with the SAS as much as possible to hone their skills to a similar standard as that of the SAS.
Oh that guy was in delta.
I wish i had been
Well im the regiment (the SAS)
av CAMOKING 18 mars 2005
a branch of the us army (who are gun crazed pussies any way), what seppurates Delta force from the other pussies is that they are trained by the british SAS and are basicly their bitches, they are cannon fodder and dont relise that the 'role' they play is just to distract the enermy while the SAS do all the hard work!
SAS officer: 'right this what you have to do...' *lists plan*
Delta force solder: 'okay sir' *bum licks* *takes squad to the frount line*
SAS officer: 'good now that the suck ups have gone, lets get the real mission done!'
av skwiff 16 december 2010
1st Special Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, is a secret Counter Terrorism Branch of the US Army. They specialize in Hostage Situations, Recon Missions, and Counter Terrorism. Delta Force has been involved in numerous missions including the operation to capture warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid and his colleagues. Delta Force was sent in with Task Force Ranger and the 160th SOAR on MH-6 Little birds and Blawkhawks, as well as a ground convoy to capture these people.

Delta Force is one of Americas top Military units(Others include Navy Seals, and Army Rangers. Delta was created by U.S. Army colonel Charles Beckwith in 1977 in direct response to numerous, well-publicized terrorist incidents that occurred in the 1970s. Delta trained along side the British SAS for many years.
Army Ranger -"Dam these sons-o-bitches wont stay down"
Delta Operator - :Double tap of M4: "He's down now"

Example #1 - Delta Force operators Randy David Shughart and Gary Ivan Gordon were awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously for their actions in Somali.

Example #2 - Deployed to the Gulf in 1991, both to serve as bodyguards for senior U.S. officers and, later, as part of a massive effort to locate and destroy mobile SCUD launchers in Iraq’s northern deserts.

Example #31993 - As part of Task Force Ranger, took part in numerous operations to apprehend warlord Mohamad Farah Aidid in Mogadishu, Somalia.
av Mike Black 19 september 2006
A nickname used by the adults in the late 1970s regarding groups of teenage males who prowled the streets of Whiting, Indiana and the East side of Chicago in Oldsmobile Delta 88s.
I ran off the Delta Force.
av Joe Iron 21 juni 2007

1. A group of U.S. Special Operations soldiers that specializes in counter-terrorism, recon, and stealth missions.

2. A series of computer games by NovaLogic that features said group, in which the player controls a character called "Bravo 1". You are taken to locations all across the Earth, doing things such as busting drug operations in Peru or eliminating Spetsnaz troops in Russia.
1. Since I was six, I had always wanted to join the Delta Force.

2. Since I was six, I had always played Delta Force games by NovaLogic.
av stop it loser 22 november 2007
people who have graduated or left high school and still show up at high school parties. Can also apply to college girls/boys who go out with high school girls/boys
Yo that party was sick until the delta force showed up. Their oldness totally killed the vibe.
av Broseph Jones 10 mars 2007

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