A sport that can be played professionally by any retard who can afford McDonald's or Steroids on a daily basis and/or can run real fast. A gym subscription will also come in handy for this sport. Played on a field which is 100 yards in length, the retards tackle each other fighting over a pigskinaka the football. When one of the leaner players on the field makes it to the other team's side points are scored. This is called a touchdown. Points can also be scored by a field goal where the pigskin is kicked between two poles.
Forest kept on running and running, even after scoring the touchdown.
av RicDaSpic 12 april 2005
The Americans hadn't invented a sport yet that they could call their own. THey stole Britain's "football" (a game where you kick around a ball) and used their hands instead because they didn't know how to use feet in the olden days. They then stole rounders (another English game) and called it baseball.... what??
I hate American Football because I am cynical.
av Matt Bellamy 21 april 2004
Something boring people are obsessed with because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Fanatics boost the salaries and contracts of a bunch of nimrods who can do little more than toss or kick a ball and get paid more than scientists, teachers, their moms and dads and other people who actually improve their lives and make the world a better place to live.
Why are americans so overweight by an large? Because they'd rather sit in front of tv's watching things like american football and american idol and drink beer. Beer gives guys such unsexy beer bellies that girls wont give them any sex, so guys have to sit around watching american football as if that were better than bustin' a nut.
av Jock 23 januari 2005
An american version of rugby.

Should be renamed as "soft rugby".

The biggest difference to it's original version is that forward passing is allowed and the players wear a ton of pads on them.

A game of american football usually consists of two teams of overweight guys bumping against each other for about five seconds and then standing around and puffing for the next five minutes. This goes on and on untill the game ends.

American football is very popular in the US, but the rest of the world couldn't care less about it.
- Well, you're not very good at sports Johnny. But hey, don't worry about it, you can always start playing american football.
av horroroso 23 december 2003
Where 11 overly-obese men who are considered "great sportsmen" for running for about 10 seconds and having a break. The players themselves wear padding for protection incase they get hurt. Boo hoo. The word "football" derives from the mid 16th century where Britian created football; a more exciting offensive and defensive game as oppose to running and hitting someone. Also known as the brother of Rugby, which by any standards is constituted as more exciting than American Football. "Soccer", which derives from God knows how, is a more exciting game to watch.
American: "Coming to the big NDBFCLAD game tomorrow?"

Other Dude: "Screw watching American Football aka fat men running at each other!"

American: *has a hissy fit*
av Zero Technique 21 mars 2006
A made for Tv "sport" which usually involves some incredibly large men (usually on as many drugs each as a whole pro cycling team) running into each other and then standing around for about 5 minutes while the commentators discuss how well it was defended and how they were lucky to advance even a yard. And then there'll be some action and then later someone will run across a line at the end of the field amid much excitement. Meanwhile any person not called "Bubba" or "Chuck" will be asleep. That why games are scheduled to be on in the middle of the night in the UK, it's part of a govornment program to cure insomnia.
All this and they have the nerve to steal OUR name for real football and then call it boring! AT LEAST OUR SPORT DOESN'T STOP FOR AD BREAKS!
"Hey Bubba, let's do somthing fulfilling and worthwhile with our lives!"

No, Chuck. Let's watch American Football insted!
av Thom Yorke 22 juli 2004
A really crap sport.American football is just like our rugby but them American wusses use padding and helmets because they are soft as shit and are too scared to get hurt.
And anyway, why is their sport called "football"? They don't even use their feet! Maybe they call it that because most Americans' IQs are below 30 and their tiny brains can't think of another name for their so-called "sport".
Americans are pansies.
av psycho bitch 7 mars 2004
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