The Alpha Female is the head of the gyno-herd, guiding them for a evening out drinking and partying. Executive decisions such as where to go, what drinks to order, what guys to talk to, who to fuck, all fall under the jurisdiction of the Alpha Female.

Any forward attempts to woo a herd of women should always be focused on convincing the Alpha Female that it is a good idea.

If the Alpha Female goes, the rest of the skirts will go too.

*note* The Alpha Female is typically the angriest of the group. Often are result of poor treatment from past boyfriends. The Alpha Female's wrath is dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution.
Frank started in right away and approached the large, husky Alpha Female, inviting her and her friends to drink with us.
av deeznutz999 9 augusti 2010
This is from a real alpha female. Not You wanna- bes. Yes, we want passion, Look out girls. For you frequently get between me and your man out of fear. I am not a bitch and I follow the scent of the most deserving male regardless of his current relationship status. Neither, am I bossy or assertive, but subtly wait for the kill. Once, I hook a male, He's mine. I always stand my ground, never fight. You lesser girls back off. Alpha females can smell a beta from an alpha a mile away. Looks and stature don't make you an alpha, neither does being intelligent. You, like me need to exude sex or like its pheromones from your body in greater amount than a beta to be an Alpha. OR, don't waste your time trying to fool me. I won't be riding you. This is what an alpha female really is. I'm really not a bitch, bossy, cunt nor manipulative. I make as many conquests as I can, just like an Alpha Male.
As an Alpha Female, I have that nice booty, not to soft and not to hard, and long legs. Waist length natural blonde hair. I am not a male version without muscles, but I do like to wrestle in bed. What fun. I do dress sexy. I'm a little taller than the average female and make sure the other girls know it. I lick my lips, Seductively.
av The Original Hot Potato 1 23 mars 2011
An Alpha Female is your typical Type A, loud-mouthed, confident, controlling, assertive, power-wielding Alpha Male, with a vagina instead of a dick. As with Alpha Males, it is often frightening if there's more than one of these in the same room.

Note: An Alpha Female is no more an "Alpha Bitch" than an Alpha Male is an "Alpha Cocksucker."
Me: "Sometimes I feel like I may be a bit emasculating, but my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind; he only likes Alpha Females. They hold their own."

My friend: "Yeah, that's true."
av AlphaLady 23 september 2005
A girl, usually short and stocky in stature, who is the dominate member of a group of girls. She typically was a soccer or lacrosse player in high school and continues to impose her athletic aggression on her pretty friends while out with them at a bar.
The tall brunette I was talking to at the bar was in love with me. Right when I was about to take her to Ron's house, her alpha female friend became enraged and forced her to leave.
av tactrash 10 juli 2008
Granola eating, back packing, non shaving, hiking boot wearing giant hairy vagina with legs
boy 1: that alpha female seems to be really sweaty, maybe i should go tell her.

av WomanX 3 maj 2009
A normal woman with a big ole 3-D booty(wide and round), small waist, no tummy, with nice legs, thighs, and hips. A female version of the world strongest men w/o the man like muscles. Nick names are horse, stallion, pony. She doesn't need to arc her back, she can just stand up and Bam Boom, it's there. She has a body a man would want to wrestle for fun.
Ole girl got a serious booty. She's walking around looking like a pony. U know she strong enough to start a village. That girl is an alpha female alpha.
av Ray play 2 mars 2007
If you need to be advised what an Alpha Female is, than you wouldn't recognize one even if you saw one. You would just be another scalp she has collected before you realize you met her.
Bodicca, queen of the Iceni tribe in ancient Britannia, was definitely an "Alpha Female." Its not just any woman that can amass an army of 100,000 pissed offed Celts and nearly drive out the entire Roman occupation from their ancient lands.
av Lucifer6 26 januari 2015

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