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A cooler way of saying "me too". Usually used when trying to sound lame in order to get a laugh out of the person you are trying to impress.Also used by dudebroze.
Chelsey: Wow, that test was a lot harder than I expected!

Brad: Samesies. That fuckin' test rocked my shit, brah.

Chelsey: Lawl! You dudebroze are soo funny! Here's my number.

Brad: Rad. I'm gonna go work on my Tri's.
av zachary_MIDWEST 8 november 2009
To blow someone's head off with 12 gauge buckshot.

Usually said to one of two people:

A. Someone who is extremely unpleasant to be around. A.K.A. a douche bag.


B. A person that is soo hideous that the only way to improve their looks is to blow their head off.
Francis: Wow, that girl is extremely ugly.

Cindy: I'll say! That bitch needs a Shotgun Face Lift.

Francis: I've got a few rounds of buckshot left in my truck. I'll be right back.
av zachary_MIDWEST 15 november 2009
Prounounced: Dude-Bro's.

A white male (very similar to a Guido) usually found in the Midwest area of the United States. They will begin most sentences with "Dude" and end it in "Bro".

These males can usually be seen driving pick 'em up truxXx. Wearing the default blue Hurley shirt with the sleeves torn off and the sides of it cut all the way down to reveal the remains of what used to be nice abs (The freshman fifteen are a bitch). These males are usually very conservative and love pussy. They will also give each other pseudo names to "up" their level of cool.

It is also nearly impossible to have a conversation with these guys because they will always talk you in circles.
Chad: Hey man, How's it going?

The Hammer: Hey Bro, Sup Dude?

Chad: Just hanging out at a party.

The Hammer: Hell yes Bro! Fuckin' Right on, dude. Sup man?

Chad: God I fuckin' hate you dudebroze.
av zachary_MIDWEST 9 november 2009
A smooth, subliminal way of saying "Classy". If said correctly, the person receiving this subliminal insult will think you said "Classy" but in all actuality you are referring to their low social status. That status being, class "C".

Pronounced "ClassSea" but can also be pronounced separately to make the insult known by all people around you: "Class Sea"!
Marcus: *walking into the company Christmas Party wearing a skin tight shirt, unbuttoned five buttons too low*

Susan: Wow, Marcus! You're looking very Class "C" this evening!

Marcus: Yeah, I fuckin' know. I spent 4 hours in the fuckin' gym. You know what Sandra? You're fuckin' hawt!

Susan: Uh... it's Susan... Thanks.

Susan: *spoken softly under her breath while walking away and rolling her eyes* Fuckin' guido.
av zachary_MIDWEST 5 november 2009
Upper middle class people who are normally very classy but find themselves surrounded by idiots in a public setting (Movie theater, DMV, Mall, etc.) and the unfortunate White Trash side of them comes out.

The White Class person will typically be from the New York area and will usually be a Guido, but can be spotted all across the United States.

If provoked long enough a typical "White Class" person will attack a persons intelligence, choice in clothing, significant other, and over all stupidity. Usually results in shouting, insulting, and sometimes the exchanging of fists.
White Class Guy: (bites tongue but thinks) Oh c'mon! This fuckin' broad is takin' twenty minutes to decide what fuckin' movie she wants to see!

White Class Guy: (Says loudly) Hurry the fuck up! Ya buyin' a fuckin' house or a god damn movie ticket ya filthy rat bastard?!

White Trash woman: Excuse me!?
av zachary_MIDWEST 3 november 2009
A compliment that also has a rude insult poorly disguised within it.

Upon hearing a 50/50 Compliment, you will not know whether to say "Thanks" or "Fuck you".
Christopher: "Wow, Laura, you're hair looks much better today than it usually does".

Laura: "Uhh, Thanks for the 50/50 compliment...Go fuck yourself".
av zachary_MIDWEST 20 november 2009
To be kicked when you're already down. (Usually not in the literal sense).
Tom: I cannot believe my girlfriend just broke up with me! After 3 years!

Mike: Uh...Tom?

Tom: Yeah? What is it, Mike?

Mike: Is that your car outside? The Red Suburban...The one that is being towed?

Tom: Ahhhh Christ! First my girlfriend breaks up with me and now this fuckin' Jabronee has to come along and give me The boot!?! Great! Just God damned perfect!
av zachary_MIDWEST 5 november 2009
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