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Slang for text messaging.

The term thumb mumbling is often used for situations when someone is not paying attention to what is around them and decides to text people instead. For example: when driving, in class, hiking, at the beach, in a museum, on a date, during a meal, during a movie, a funeral, flying a plane or space ship, giving a speech, preforming surgery, etc.
Hey, are you thumb mumbling again? Put the f*cking phone down!
av withinthecube 27 december 2012
A condition of baffling immaturity. Someone who just cannot let go of something and grow up. The term comes from the hypothetical situation of someone who has had their crayon stolen in the 2nd grade and they haven't gotten over it since.

The people who get picked on in school and then get a position of power to abuse people later in life could be said to have a crayon complex.

Someone who uses childhood trauma as an excuse to be a peace of shit later.
I can't believe he still brings that up, he has such a crayon complex.
av withinthecube 27 december 2012
The condition of being slow witted or mentally fatigued, often brought about by sleep deprivation, partying, overworking or over studying, excessive use of television, video games or computer time; cognitive atrophy. It will feel like there is a cloud where your brain should be making it hard to think, concentrate, solve problems, or keep up with conversations.
I feel out of it today man, I have a serious head cloud right now.
av withinthecube 27 december 2012
Adjective. Being in a state of considerable intoxication esp. involving multiple substances at the same time.
Yo son I am Stone Blasted off that shit!
av withinthecube 27 december 2012
Slang for Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) for its fast acting and powerful psychedelic effects, complete with head rush. DeMolition Team contains the letters DMT and also can be used to describe the process of smoking it.
Yo hand me the lighter so I can call in the demolition team.
av withinthecube 27 december 2012
statistician |ˌstatiˈstiSHən|

Statistician as a slang word can be positive or negative depending on the situation, or upon the use in a given situation.

1. An expert in the creation of Facebook statuses, or someone who posts statuses way to frequently and of nothing important.

2. Someone who verbalizes statistics acting to be a know-it-all, or someone who is actually very knowledgeable.
Positive uses of the above:

1. "Wow man your Facebook statuses are the best, your like a statistician or something!"

2. "I never knew you were so smart dude, what are you a statistician or something?!

Negative uses of the above:

1. "What are you some kind of statistician, what's with all your Facebook posts?!"

2. "All right I get the picture, what are you a f*cking statistician?!"
av withinthecube 1 februari 2013
A title to give someone who injured you accidentally or intentionally, causing broken bones or torn tissue.

Some one who destroys property.
We started off just trowing tomahawks into the dartboard for fun when captain crunch here decided to smash my new TV
av withinthecube 27 december 2012
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