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8 definitions by trimbandit

Anyone with an opposing view.
Get a brain morans! Go USA!!!
av trimbandit 29 juni 2004
1119 438
A guy who gets a lot of girls.
Although he's getting up in years, he's still quite the trim bandit
av trimbandit 27 mars 2003
31 7
To have sex with a chick as weird as Bjork.
Dude, I totally pjorked that freaky chick from the party.
av trimbandit 15 oktober 2003
30 10
A gay smurf
Papa Smurf tried to finger my ass...that smaggot!
av trimbandit 15 oktober 2003
29 11
The male sexual organ.
Dude, that chick was greedy for some Plumpjack.
av trimbandit 27 mars 2003
21 6
The absence of swell.
Dude, did you surf today?
Naw...Its been flat all week.
av trimbandit 27 mars 2003
54 41
A thick penis(dickmeat).
A member of exceptional girth.
She seemed like a sport, but could not handle my thickmeat in her pooper.
av trimbandit 30 maj 2007
14 5