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34 definitions by roger the fabricator

an exclamation of frustration used around children when you don't want to use the exclamation "oh,crap!"
Blasterfladderap! I burned the quiche!
av roger the fabricator 9 februari 2004
0 2
a 50's expression meaning "ain't it the truth" and/or that's "cool from the git-go"
"Our new roommate Shinji, just went skydiving with the punks cuz he's a little crazy"
"That's straight from the fridge, dad."
av roger the fabricator 16 februari 2004
14 17
n., a dog that is not a dog but a lifeless toy. An imaginary friend created by a corporation. False hope. A sign of your dependency.
Digger the dog
Digger he walks with you when you explore
Just pull his leash
And go for a walk
He's your dog for sure
av roger the fabricator 13 februari 2004
4 7
n., a person or machine that makes donuts efficiently
Jesus Christ Jason! Yer a friggin' donut robot!
av roger the fabricator 10 februari 2004
0 3
the act of accidentally shitting one's swimming trunks(or shorts), especially when it soaks through.

(a take-off of Spongebob Squarepants)
Kurt drank too much coffee and now he's gone all expungepants.
av roger the fabricator 9 februari 2004
1 4
n., alcohol, lubrication
Jeb, let's paint the town red with some good ol' tonsil paint!
av roger the fabricator 19 februari 2004
4 9
A wingnut. Someone stuck in circular "reasoning".
Jerry thinks his girlfriend has aliens spying on him night and day. Jerry's a friggin' case.
av roger the fabricator 17 februari 2004
8 18